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Internet Explorer: How to Use it for Mac? –

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You may have noticed that Internet Explorer is not available on your Mac after you move from a PC. Internet Explorer is no longer your default browser for Windows. However, it is possible to visit a website that only works on IE or on a computer.

There Are Three Ways To Use IE On A Mac.

It’s possible to visit a website on your Mac that requires Internet Explorer, but Internet Explorer is not available for Mac. To make Safari appear different, you can change the user agent.

However, changing the user agent doesn’t make Safari the default browser. Web apps and sites that rely on Internet Explorer rendering engines will not work properly.

  • Go to Safari and select Preferences from drop-down menu.
  • Next, click on the advanced tab.
  • This option can be enabled by going to the Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar, and clicking the box to the right.

A new Develop menu will appear. Open the menu and point to the User Agent submenu to select Internet Explorer as your browser. Your website will immediately be updated to reflect Internet Explorer. However, make sure you return when you are done.

You can change the user agent to work with most browsers. Anything that works outside of your browser requires Windows or Internet Explorer.

Open IE in a virtual machine.

You can address most of the reasons IE is not available on a Mac by changing Safari’s user agent. However, if you still require it, you may be able to run it in a virtual environment.

You can test out an operating system on a virtual machine (VM), without installing it on your Mac. Securely execute software from an operating system other than your Mac’s. Internet Explorer can be used on your Mac in this situation.

Although it is not an easy option to use IE virtual machine, it will allow you run a full-featured version of Windows from macOS. From there, you can use Internet Explorer and any other Windows program.

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VMware Fusion is one the most used virtual machine tools to get IE for Mac. 

  • To get started, download VMware Fusion and the Windows ISO file.
  • In the Installation Method window select Create a new custom virtual device.
  • After dragging and dropping the Windows ISO file into the dialogue window, select Finish.
  • Start the VM once more and choose Play to install Windows.

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