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Importance of Partnering with Recharge Card Suppliers

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We live in a digital-first world where recharges and payments occur instantly with the touch of a button. These instant solutions include scratch cards, too. Recharge cards are a cost-effective and easy prepaid channel that enables subscribers to use data and air-time. They also allow mobile network operators (MNOs) to realise and channel revenue. 

In a few markets, recharge card printing is incredibly crucial. For instance, data shows that in several markets such as Nigeria, customers prefer the physical method of prepayment that requires using recharge cards instead of online methods. 

More than 50 million people living in Nigeria use mobile phones and spend an average of N6,000 every month on phone calls, amounting to a whopping N300 billion spent every month on recharge cards. These requirements have also enabled network providers to compete in these markets and offer their best customer services. 

Service providers in the market face challenges regarding recharge card manufacturing, including high production costs. However, network providers can quickly resolve these by partnering with the top recharge card suppliers

Partnering with a Scratch Card Supplier:

Entering into a business partnership with a supplier makes good financial sense for both partners, opening up unique and new business opportunities. Most suppliers operate in a highly competitive environment and regularly look for new channels to market their products. It is also true for recharge card suppliers. 

As a thumb rule, suppliers give their business partners special prizes, faster customer service, and excellent products. Since the quality of scratch cards matters, experts recommend that you partner with top-notch recharge card manufacturers. 

How to Find the Right Scratch Card Manufacturer?

There are about 2.7 billion active mobile devices in the world today. With this number growing each day, prepaid recharge cards are becoming increasingly important within the telecom industry. An average mobile phone user purchases a recharge card every day. However, there have been problems service providers have faced while maintaining safety, production and aesthetics. 

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To avoid any problems with prepaid cards, recharge card suppliers need to combine specific features and elements. Let’s see what these are.

Features of the Right Recharge Card:

  1. Aesthetically pleasing – Every product that is successful in the market has a stellar charm and design aesthetic. The same goes for a recharge card that, with the right design it can change the product’s appearance completely. Recharge card printing techniques today include making the card minimalistic and sleek to maintain its quality. Some manufacturers also use the most advanced ink technologies to improve visual quality so that the chances of defects in the art are minuscule.
  2. Durability – Recharge cards need to be easy to scratch, ensure PIN security and have accurate performance. Some leading scratch card makes use highly accurate testing methods to ensure high product quality. Therefore, it’s always great to contact your supplier for durable cards. 
  3. PIN security – The PIN is the most critical part of the scratch card, making it the principal focus during the manufacturing process. If the card quality is not good, people might read the PIN in other ways, resulting in losses for the supplier and the vendor. In some cases, the card is run under a special light to reveal the PIN without scratching the card. Thus, businesses need to choose manufacturers who use the latest ink technology and effective coating methods to minimise this risk.

The qualities mentioned above are vital elements that every scratch card should have, and top card manufacturers follow. Besides these features, experts also recommended that you observe the metrics that the solution provider bases their product deliveries on. Consider the Nielson Report, for instance. It is arguably the most trusted source in the payment and card industry; check the solution provider’s credibility and quality measures by checking whether the report mentions them or not. 

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Recharge scratch cards include significant financial value. Thus, it is crucial to choose manufacturers who use leading scratch card manufacturing technologies. 

Choosing to partner with the right recharge card supplier is of utmost importance for your business as it impacts revenue, brand value and market share, among other factors. You must always choose a partner whose business values align with yours while ensuring your legal obligations don’t hamper your functioning in the market. 

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