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Hybrid Server Vs Dedicated Server: Actual dividing line

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Whenever there is a discussion concerning web hosting, servers are the first name that pops up in mind. With diverse hosting types in the market, you might be familiar with shared servers, VPS servers, and cloud servers. Even dedicated servers, too that is one of the subjects in question in this post. However, many people haven’t read or heard of the word ‘Hybrid Server.’ So this post draws a comparison between two server types that is hybrid server vs dedicated server.

Before getting into the nitty-gritty of both servers, for people new to hosting endeavors, let us tell you what a server is.

server is a machine (e.g., computer) that works for providing services to programs and devices of the end-user and serves as an information storing device. End users are also called clients. Whenever the clients call for the information stored in the server, they can connect and request using the network.

In simple words, if you purchase Web hosting in Lahore, it means you are paying for the space on a server. In turn, you will get disk storage, RAM, Bandwidth, CPU, etc.

Now let’s take a blink of:

Dedicated Server

Dedicated hosting, aka a dedicated server, is a type where the owner has absolute control of the server. The owner can be an individual or a company/ organization. The control includes usage and management of all the resources. Also, you can choose the operating system, configuration, and other settings of your own choice. In addition, the security is high-end too, so no fear of intrusion, data breaching, hacking, virus and malware attacks, etc.

With all these benefits, there are no website performance issues. On top of all, you don’t have to worry about the scalability options with the business and website growth.

In general, websites with a massive volume of traffic or extensive applications leverage dedicated servers. Also, the enterprises and corporations with hefty business scale or the user(s) intending to host multiple websites utilize the dedicated hosting.

It’s just that while picking the Best hosting in Pakistan, remember to look at the servers and services standard and customer support level to keep your workflow consistent in the long run.

Hybrid Server 

On the other hand, a hybrid server is a dedicated server segmented in a series of virtual servers. It avails of the virtualization technology to create the partition. Thus, we can say that the hybrid server sets forth the power of a conventional dedicated server and the flexibility and scalability of cloud computing. This is the salient difference that you can see for hybrid server vs dedicated server.

In terms, it does seem like a Cheap VPS Hosting but with increased resources. Also working as a Cloud server; however, we can say it is without resources resizing feature.

Therefore, usually, in the hosting niche, hybrid servers serve as a testing and development-tailored hosting environment for web products (website, app, software). Also, you will view them using as backend servers in place of traditional servers.

Other features of hybrid servers 

  • As a hybrid server has virtually dedicated chunks, so it can be shared by many users. However, there is a restriction that on the number of users in contrast to the shared hosting.
  • In addition, if it has multiple users, the resources being dedicated to every user can’t affect the others on the server and also no influence on the website performance.
  • The user can have high control on its hybrid server.
  • It is obvious from above that a hybrid server is more powerful than a dedicated server. So whether you have to host multiple websites or only one yet high-traffic website, you can look up to hybrid server confidently.
  • A hybrid server works best for rapid emplacement of new servers and reboot or reinstallation of the server’s operating systems.

Wrapping Up!

That’s all for now regarding the hybrid server vs dedicated server. Hybrid and dedicated servers have somehow a few identical ties. That is, a hybrid server is a mixture of virtualization technology and a dedicated server to get the most out of it. In short, the hybrid offers scalability with cost-effectivity while dedicated not. Therefore, the companies reputed for proffering quality Web hosting in Pakistan should be your candidate for purchasing the dedicated server or hybrid server.

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