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How To Use Webroot For Protecting Personal Data Online?

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Webroot antivirus is known in the cyber security market for serving the best for providing safety and security to the systems as well as devices. The software has gained popularity on the basis of all those user- friendly features that the software has in store for the users.

The software comes with an easy to use interface. It also has in store three different versions of itself with all the different set of features those versions are designed for making it easy for the user to choose from.

Here we will talk about one such popular feature of Webroot antivirus that is providing protection for the personal data of the user that is shared online. We will focus on the reasons why one should keep his data protected and also we will see the process through which a user can do it using Webroot antivirus.

Also, if you are facing problems with your Webroot antivirus then for help or support you can connect with the experts at Webroot Customer Care Service Phone Number.

What does personal data usually include when shared online?

The personal data shared online includes security numbers of the user’s credit card numbers and also Email addresses, phone numbers, addresses date of birth and a lot more. Also, the behavior of the user is tracked as in the websites he visits and also the social media platforms that are followed.

Why one should keep personal data protected?

The reason why one should keep personal data protected is that systems and technologies nowadays are not just used for work purposes and for other good purposes but also the same technology is misused by some anti-social elements and sharing personal data with them can be extremely dangerous and hence all the data shared online should be kept protected.

How is personal data collected?

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There are a lot of sources for collecting personal data of the users some of them are given below –

  • Cookies – These are the tiny files that are attached to your browser these are designed to keep a record of the website visited by you.
  • Malicious apps- such applications are usually known as unwanted applications. Such applications are known as the primary source for the collection of personal data. Such applications do it with the permission of the user though they never make the user aware of the negative side of this data sharing.
  • Extracting data for legal purposes- The best example of extracting data for legal purposes is when a user applies for a job online. There the user is asked to fill up all his personal information in a form and is also held whole sole responsible for that.
  • Data Theft- This is another very popular source of extracting data but this is considered totally illegal.

How to protect personal data?

  • Strong and tough to crack password- While creating an online account the user should be very careful with the password one should always come up with something creative and unique to use as a password. To be precise the password should be alphanumeric and also should include some special characters.
  • Control cookies and fingerprinting – All the browsers include a settings option in the setup and from there the user can easily disable the cookies.
  • Remove malicious apps- It is advisable that the user should avoid the downloading of such applications and should only download applications from reliable sources.
  • Think before you share data- This can be done in the case of legal data collection before sharing the data the user should carefully read the terms and conditions agreement.
  • Use Webroot security products – If the user will use security software on the system then it will be tough to extract data from the system or the device directly.
  • Keep a check on hackers- There is no concrete solution for protecting data that is shared online. However, the user can use the hacking tool of Webroot antivirus as and when he suspects of hacking.
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If even after going through all the details given above you are still struggling with doubts then for help and support you can connect with the experts at Webroot Customer Service Phone Number.

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