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How to solve the security apps opening issue?

malwarebytes won t open
Suzanne Shanks

Users often install a security program to keep the device protected from various threats. Various programs offer free security tools to the users. Whereas for advanced security features; users can purchase the subscription of the paid programs. After installing a security apps; the user can secure the device from threats easily. But some users reported that their security application is not opening. If your security program is showing errors then check for possible causes and fix them immediately.

Reasons for getting error while opening security application

  1. You have installed an incompatible application
  2. Some program files are missing
  3. Program-related registry files are not working
  4. Your application is outdated
  5. System files are not working
  6. Invalid changes on the settings
  7. Junk files are conflicting with a security application
  8. Low free hard disk space on the PC

Troubleshooting antivirus not opening error

Restart your device

If your security program is not opening then restart the device. Your antivirus can show errors when it can’t find the resources. It mainly occurs when a user is running numerous apps on the system. Your antivirus can’t find the required tools and gets into error. For fixing this error, the user has to restart the device. Close the running apps on the system. Restart the device and now open the antivirus. When you are running only a security program then it can easily find the required resources. After starting the scanning process; you can open other programs and run them on the device.

Increase free hard-disk space

When the antivirus is showing an error, check for hard disk space. If the free space is very low then Malwarebytes won t open. Your program requires some amount of free space to open and work. If your program is not working correctly then check free hard-disk and RAM. Remove applications that you are not using. Users can use SSD to increase the hard disk on the PC. Once the device gets enough space; your antivirus will start working. 

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Remove junk from the system

Antivirus can start showing errors when junk files are conflicting. These files can create issues with various programs. If the antivirus is not working; check for system junk. Open PC and open the temp folder. Choose all the files and then delete them. Now reopen the computer and try to run antivirus. When the program is still not opening the run clean manager tool. Many junk files are difficult to detect. Users can’t detect those files manually. Your computer provides the inbuilt utility tool for detecting junk files on the computer. Open cmd prompt and then run cleanmgr. Now the tool will run and inspect for all junk on your device. Select the junk files from the screen. Hit the OK button and the junk files will be removed. Now restart your computer and run your antivirus reliably. 

Undo changes on the system

Some users get antivirus-related errors when the user has made few changes to the system. While changing the settings, users sometimes create invalid changes which restricts your antivirus to run. The user has to undo those changes on the device and then you can easily run the program. Reopen the settings and revert the settings to default. If you forget the default settings of the page then run the Windows restoring tool. Run the tool only with the correct restoring point. Without it, the user can’t undo the changes. Check the restoring tool and then provide the point. The tool will undo the changes in the settings. Once you get the default settings, reopen your antivirus and check for the error. 

Repair antivirus related registry files

Your antivirus can show errors when its registry files get corrupted. Without these files, your program won’t get the correct path and shows errors while opening. Inspect the registry files and repair them. Open the Windows registry editor and inspect for all the program’s related files. Create a backup key of the files and then start repairing them. After repairing the registry files; restart the PC. Click on the security app’s icon and run it on your device. When the application is not running due to an error on its program files; then fixing it is difficult. Users can’t fix those files manually. You can remove that corrupted program and install a new setup on the computer. 

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