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How to repair the printer error 0xf1?

Suzanne Shanks

Your printer device shows error codes when some of its services are not working. Error code 0x1 is an Epson printer error that occurs while taking the printouts. The error code appears and your printer stops working. For troubleshooting the error, the user has to inspect for the possible causes.

Reasons for getting Printer Error 0xf1:

  1. The printer can’t find the driver
  2. The user has given an invalid print command
  3. The printer is getting cartridge error
  4. Paper Jamming
  5. No ink on the cartridge
  6. Printhead get clogged with dry ink

Methods for repairing printer error 0xf1

Restart your computer and printer

A printer device can get into 0xf1 error while printing when it can’t get the required resources. Like other processes, printers also require a few resources to complete the job. When a user has opened numerous jobs on the system, the device may get into runtime error and can’t provide the required resources. For fixing the system’s runtime error, restart it. Restarting the device will make all resources available and then the printer will start working. Restart the printer and make it ready for printing. Now connect it to the PC and take your printouts.

Run Windows printer troubleshooter

Whenever a user gets the error message, he should run the troubleshooter. Your PC provides this default service to fix the errors. Open the computer and go to the troubleshooter on the Update and Security tab. Now, search for the printer troubleshooter and run the tool. Check the report wizard for the error. When it shows repaired status, now your Epson printer will start working. When it can’t fix your error then click on Report and check about the error. The printer company also provides repair tools for troubleshooting the error. Open the utility and search for the Epson error code 0xf1 repair tool. Run this utility function and it will start repairing your printer errors. 

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Repair the printer driver

The user can face the error when the printer driver is not working. Without its driver, the printer won’t work. The printer can’t understand the commands without the driver. You have to repair the driver on the printer. Open the system and go to the printer’s software. Check for the corrupted files and then repair them. Click on the driver and inspect for its corrupted files. Repair those files and run the driver. When you are unable to repair those files manually then reinstall the driver. Remove the corrupted printer software from the device and then open the printer’s website. Install the driver and then you can run the printer reliably.

Reinstall the printer cartridge

If the printer is showing an error code, check for its cartridge. Error message appears when the printer is unable to find the cartridge. You have to remove the cartridge and check the pins. Sometimes, the contacts are not connected and the printer can’t get the cartridge. Reinstall the cartridge on the printer correctly and then check the error. Users can get errors due to clone cartridges. Many printers show errors with clone cartridges. Only original cartridges work with those printers. Get a new printer cartridge and install it correctly. Open the PC and now you can take the printouts. 

Run a malware scan

Many times, the user faces a printer error due to malware infection. Some dangerous viruses can corrupt many of your files and processes. When the printer shows a 0xf1 error message on the screen, go to the computer and check for malware. Users can’t find these viruses manually. You have to use anti-malware software for this task. Go to the system and click on antivirus. From the dashboard, click on the run scan option. Users should run a full scan to remove all threats. Now restart the system and reconnect the printer for taking printouts.

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Check for the ink

Sometimes the ink gets empty and the printer shows errors. Open your printer and check ink status. If the status shows empty, get a new ink cartridge. Users can also refill the ink of the empty cartridge. When the ink status is not empty but the printer is not working then remove the cartridge and check the ink manually. Sometimes, the ink gets dried inside the cartridge and the printer shows the error. Change the ink on your cartridge or add some solvent. Now restart the printer and run it easily.

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