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How to fix Norton’s screen error message?

Suzanne Shanks

Norton antivirus is a top program that provides plans for all devices. You can use the Norton antivirus on PCs, Mac, and phone devices easily. Users can select the Norton setup according to the requirements. You can install the program and then use its features and services to keep the device secured. But some users face the Norton screen error after updating the setup. 

Reasons for getting Norton screen error message:

  1. Norton setup is not updated correctly
  2. Your Operating System is outdated 
  3. Norton registry files are corrupted 
  4. System junk is interrupting the newly updated setup
  5. Another program is conflicting with your Norton plan

Troubleshooting your Norton screen error message

Restart your computer

Once you update your Norton program, you must restart the system. After completing the update, it asks for restarting the device. But many people ignore it and use the device without restarting it. After installing an update of your antivirus, restarting is necessary to apply the update to the system. If you don’t update, the system won’t get information about the new update, and then your Norton antivirus will start showing the screen error. Once you complete the update, restart the computer to apply new changes and then scan the system with the Norton program. 

Update your Operating System

People often get screen errors with the Norton program when the OS is outdated. When the OS is outdated but you update the Norton; it can’t understand the changes and your Norton program gets into error. The user should go to the device and then check for the update of his OS. If the OS is out-of-date, go to the Update and Security tab. Now you should tap on the Update button and wait to complete the process. Once your program gets updated, restart the computer to apply new changes and then try to run your Norton antivirus.

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Repair the registry files of Norton antivirus

When the error is appearing due to corrupted registry files, Norton antivirus error 8504 will appear on the screen. To repair the error, the user needs to fix the Norton registry files. Without these files, Norton will show the screen error and won’t scan the computer. Go to the system and check Norton’s registry files. If the files are not working, you have to repair them from the registry editor. Open the computer and then navigate to the registry editor using Regedit. Users will get all the registry files. Select the Norton antivirus registry files. Check the files which are corrupted. Edit the files correctly and then close the registry editor. Close all the programs and open Norton antivirus to scan the system.

Remove another antivirus from your computer 

When the user has another security program, it will start conflicting with Norton after updating the setup. Using multiple security programs will conflict and Norton will get into error. Go to the computer and then check for another security program. Open the programs folder and then you have to uninstall that program. After removing the program, restart the PC and open your Norton program. Run the scan and now it will work without any error.

Remove junk from the computer

After updating your Norton program, if you see an error message; check the junk files. Your program may start conflicting with junk files. These files interrupt whenever the system gets any new change. Go to the device and check for all the junk. Open the PC and now inspect it for the junk. Open every drive and delete the unnecessary files. If you can’t find the junk manually, run the cleanmgr program. This clean manager checks the whole system and then searches the files which are unnecessary. Now select the junk files and then remove them. Now the user has to restart the device and then check for Norton’s screen error.

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Remove the conflicting program

After updating Norton, sometimes it shows a screen with a particular program. When the user runs the program, Norton finds it suspicious and starts showing an error. This occurs when the running program is malicious and can cause harm to the system. Users should remove that software from the computer and then scan the whole system with Norton.

Reinstall your Norton setup

Sometimes the update program gets interrupted and the update can’t install properly. This can corrupt other program files of Norton. You can remove that program and then reinstall the setup. You will get an updated version and now you can use the program on the system reliably. 

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