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How to find brother printer default password?

Keisha Mitchell

How do I install Brother Wireless Printer? When you establish an encrypted connection with you Brother Printer and PC, you will be asked to enter your Brother Printer default password. Some users may find it difficult to find the default administrator password for Brother Printer but it is not as difficult as you may think. The password isn’t just required to connect to the printer but as well when you have to reset the printer’s factory settings..

The default password for all Brother printers is the same, for certain printers it could be different. It is established during manufacturing, but you must alter it if he does not want others to change the settings on your printer. In this article we will attempt to discover the default password for Brother and also learn how to change it.

What is the Brother printer’s default password?

In the majority of cases most of the time, the default password for brother printer is “access” and you may attempt to use it for printer configuration. But, if it is not working the way you want, you could also try “inti pass.” One must modify the password default when the printer is purchased. In this article, we will learn how of changing your default password and username for Brother machines. However, the default username of every Brother printing machine can be “admin.”

Modify the admin default password of Brother printer?

If you’re looking to alter your default administrator password on the Brother machine, you should not look elsewhere. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be completed.

  1. Connect your Brother Printer as well as a PC.
  2. Connect both devices to the same network.
  3. Start a browser and navigate to the Network Configuration page.
  4. In this web page, type “access” as the password When you are prompted, enter “access.
  5. In this section, you can see three options:
  • Change password
  • Configure password
  • Password & Contact
  1. Select the right option to move on.
  2. When you select the ‘Change Password Option, you can enter the new password.
  3. After you’ve finished then press the key ‘Enter’ to your keyboard.

Brother printers change or reset wifi password

For changing or resetting the WiFi password for your printer, you must follow these simple steps:

  1. When you search in a web browser in the search bar, enter “http://machine’s IP address.”
  2. This IP address associated with the Brother printer will appear the screen.
  3. Following this, you’ll be able to see the login page displayed on your screen.
  4. For the password default field, type in “access.”
  5. Else, enter “inti pass.”
  6. Click on the tab ‘Administration’ and select “Login Password.’
  7. Select ‘Enter New Password.’
  8. Enter the new password into the provided box.
  9. Type the password again.
  10. Then press ‘Done’, or Submit.’

You can modify your default password on the Brother Printer.


The blog post has clarified the steps to determine the default password for the Brother Printer, as well as the procedure to reset or alter it. 

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