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How To Create a Custom Money Transfer Application & Software?

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Gaurav Walla

We all are well aware of the fact that mobile applications have been a great moral support, especially when we talk about COVID-19 times. With money transfer applications or online remittance software, your life is sorted, your money can be transferred as quickly as possible without needing to take any stress. You might not know that international transactions tag along with different issues such as currency conversion, taxes, clearances, and more.

If you are also looking to develop an application for the company or yourself, then you must have the rightful resources like the right team as well as other important tools to help you in the development process. A money transfer system software allows users to have a concrete hold on various benefits such as affordability, no burdening costs, and quick money transfer as well. Let us now directly move on to discussing the steps of building a money transfer application and software.

What Are The Features Of a Money Transfer Application/Software?

A money transfer application or software can have numerous benefits, have a look:

Secure- While sending funds across borders, you might come across a thought of security threat and safety of the money sent. Money transfer applications not only help in avoiding the hassle of in-person paperwork but also make security a top priority. In short, they are governed and regulated by strict industry standards, to start. Money transfer applications also put forward up-to-date technology that ultimately results in providing peace of mind.

Saves Money- Money transfer applications can save you money as in many cases, the fees are much lower than brick-and-mortar options. Not only fees, but it can result in finding the best exchange rates. While transfer companies offering in-person service can present attractive rates & fees, the best money transfer apps can be even more competitive.

Easy For Friends & Family- Reliable money transfer applications or software permits you to send a huge network of banks & cash pickup locations. For your loved ones, there likely won’t be any different when you switch to a money transfer application. Besides, for some of your recipients, your application might even make it easier than it was earlier.

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Saves Time- A money transfer Application authorizes you to conduct transfers from your sofa. All you have to do is log in, complete the transfer, sit back, and relax. It doesn’t matter if it’s bills payment, regular support, sending gifts to families, you will be able to do all this with the help of an app, what else do you want? Above all, you can track the transfer right from the application.

Availability- Making international transactions is a great feeling, isn’t it? With an app, you can whip out your phone to send money to your loved ones. Unlike in-person transfers, a money transfer application can allow an account creation easily without worrying about other important matters and only focusing on what your loved ones need.

What are the Steps Involved in Money Transfer App/Software Creation?

There are various steps involved in building a money transfer app/software. These are:

Development Of Money Transfer Portal- We work on authorizing users to make local and international transfers in various currencies from site or application to pay bills, top-up phones, and currency exchange. Customers must be able to submit money through payment gateway, credit or debit cards. You must be able to send or receive E-wallet funds through multiple channels in many countries.

CRM Building & User Management Modules- You will now need permissions and user interfaces for different roles within your system: auditor, cashier, and more. You must be able to monitor activity, activate/deactivate accounts, and view balance histories. Besides, you should be able to run marketing activities, meet specific criteria, send emails, set promo codes, and more.

Reporting and Accounting Work– Following this, real-time tracking and historical data must be available for analysis. This should allow users to supervise transactions, run advanced reports, generate balance sheets, evaluate profits/losses, set general limits throughout the entire money transfer system.

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Developing a User-Friendly UX- You have to make money transfer applications accessible via tablets, smartphones, as well as build a custom interface for various roles and also support customized white labeling. A UX review must be conducted that makes sure that the dashboard is user-friendly and that users can also set up and receive all necessary notifications & alerts.

Ensuring Compliance and Security- You must also take into consideration KYC, AML, and counter-terrorism financing compliance. Besides, they must also take care of functionality implementation for blacklisting suspicious senders & receivers for adjusting the application to local regulations and personal business rules. The basic functionality incorporates data encryption, backups, recovery, limited access to certain system parts, session time limits, and other features as well.

Concluding Statements

By now, you must have understood that money transfer applications and software are faster, easier, more transparent, and effective. Custom money transfer system software development is a great chance to overcome the limitations of ready-made gateways. A reliable and easy-to-use application can be trusted by a wide group of customers across the nation. With this, there is one only goal of providing customer-driven digitalization within money transfer software development.

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