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How the Restaurant Industry is Keeping Up with the Digital World

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Our lives have changed significantly post-pandemic, and businesses have had to evolve to keep up. Digitalization has helped make the transition smooth and inspired innovation in almost every aspect of the consumer lifestyle. The restaurant industry has also gone through a massive change. With options like digital payment, intelligent apps, and self-checkout, it is possible to promote better safety measures while maintaining personalization and quality of service. Digital transformation consulting has led to the emergence of specific trends.

Order Online

Online ordering systems have been around for a while now, and the reason they are so popular is that they provide customers the convenience to go over their orders at their own pace. They can save time and make their choices in peace. A restaurant can maintain its revenue stream with an online system. Smartphones make the entire process even more convenient with new apps that provide order tracking abilities. The digital business transformation has made it even easier for food to be delivered to your doorstep.

A digital menu is a great way to get more orders, and now, with so many food ordering platforms and third-party apps, it is easier to gain a broader customer base. Customers can browse UberEats, GrubHub, Zomato, and other apps to find restaurants nearby and get fresh food without stepping outside the door. There are ways to pay and tip through your phone so that it can be a contactless experience. Restaurants can now achieve their business goals with digital transformation consulting.

Socialize with Customers

Social media is the leader of digital business transformation, and it has changed the entire marketing game. Staying connected is a necessary part of our lives now, and the first thing people do every morning is checking Facebook or Instagram. Businesses are taking advantage of that and increasing their online presence on platforms users check constantly. Creating an online profile makes it easier for customers to find out about their cuisines, offers and interact with them.

Having an active social media profile can be one way to showcase what you have, whether it is food, ambiance, or bars. It encourages more people to visit in person when they have seen the pictures or videos online. You can also make announcements and see what others are saying about your restaurant online. Social media is an excellent tool for building customer loyalty and getting instant feedback on your food.

Complete Self-Service

Self-service has taken on a new form with self-ordering stations at restaurants. The younger generation is much more comfortable doing it themselves because they prefer not to interact with another person. Restaurants are making service faster and more efficient with a kiosk that takes your order ad lets you pay. The first restaurant to introduce its customers to the concept was McDonald’s. With the help of digital business transformation, customers can choose their preferences for burgers, nuggets, French fries, coffee, and everything else.

Self-ordering kiosks make customizations easier because the customer has all the options listed in front of them. They no longer need to stand in long queues and wait for the cashier to call out their number. The self-ordering station also offers suggestions, calculates the total amount at each interval, and ensures order accuracy. The ticketing system is much better because the computer assigns the number and sends the order to the kitchen.

Take Outs and Deliveries Only

The restaurant culture is dying, especially for the fast-food industry. There is a shift towards doorstep deliveries and “on-the-go” food. Consumers are always in a hurry and hardly have time to sit and eat. Grabbing a quick breakfast or squeezing in errands during their lunch break has made them give up on dining in. Many businesses have caught on to the change in lifestyle and adopted the ghost kitchen concept. It helps them cut down on rental costs, waiting for staff, and cutlery because they are only preparing food to go. 

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Brick and mortar restaurants find the savings in costs help them slash down prices and survive in the cut-throat economy. Digital business transformation has also helped keep the trend going and allowed restaurants to thrive. The ghost kitchen focuses on food quality instead of the ambiance and takes orders through its online system. The speed with which everything is changing will soon mean more ghost kitchens and fewer diners. Pandemics like the Coronavirus have also led to people preferring to stay safe and eat inside the four walls of their home.

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