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How Drupal Supersedes Other Content Management Systems

How Drupal Supersede Other Content Management Systems
Angelina Phil
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With the advent of CMS technology, the entire scene of website development has completely revolutionized. Today, you can easily build a website with so many CMS options without even having technical knowledge or coding.
Despite the so many CMS options available in the market, surely you want the best one. After all, it’s all about building an effective website that could actually rank and reach a wider audience. If you ask us what’s the best CMS platform, well, we straightaway say it’s Drupal. It’s not like we have any partial view for Drupal.
There are some legit reasons why Drupal is a better CMS platform than others. Hence, in this post, we have covered most of the reasons. So, let’s get started! 

A Huge Community

As a CMS platform, Drupal has a huge community of developers from across the world. At present, there are more than 1.4 million users across 230 different countries.
Such a huge pool of experts always aim to make Drupal better in some or other way. You would be amazed to know that for every new version of Drupal, organizations, and developers from across the globe come together to contribute their effort, time, and resources in creating documentation, reviewing code, testing, and also incorporating feedback.
Not just this, you can also consider such a huge community of developers as active forums where you can interact and discuss with developers for a particular concern or query. 

User Experience

In the present time, it’s all about the user experience if you want to provide a pleasing and interactive experience to your visitors. Drupal is built in such a way that it allows both marketers and developers to provide an unforgettable user experience.
The platform includes a layout builder, mobile responsive web features, and the claro administrative theme that helps developers to bring an exceptional experience to a website. The platform offers you the simplest and fastest path to create an indelible customer experience. 

Content Administration

As we mentioned above, organizations and individuals from across the world come together to contribute for every new Drupal release. As a result of that, they also ensure the content administration of the new version of Drupal.


When it comes to security, Drupal is considered to be the highly secured CMS platform amongst all. For public-facing industries like healthcare and government, not complying with the digital security standards could cost the customer relationship. Thus, Drupal is known to take the security aspect a lot more seriously than other CMS platforms.
Such is the security level of Drupal that some big names like The Australian Government, The State of Georgia, The White House, Tesla, and NASA have their websites built on Drupal. The security team of Drupal includes experts from around the world who dedicate their time and effort to identify and analyze the potential risks in Drupal core and its contributed modules. 


The accessibility standards of Drupal are known to provide an inclusive web experience for all visitors. This is something that you won’t get to find in any other CMS platforms. However, it is important to understand that accessibility basically refers to the gateway requirements for any feature or module to the core. Not just this, the CMS platform also ensures that all its functions and features comply with the consortium guidelines of the world wide web. 


Scalability is one of the main features that make Drupal stand out amongst all the CMS platforms available in the market. Being a future-ready and powerful CMS platform, Drupal gives businesses the freedom and ability to scale with their needs. It has a flexible API structure that supports content growth. Not just this, the platform also includes a number of caching modules that support optimized bandwidth, faster page loading, robust web performance even in high-pressure situations. 


Drupal is one such platform which is built on the principle of mobile-first. This means the platform supports the development of responsive websites. Now, in case you don’t know about responsive websites, these are the websites that work smoothly and effectively on devices of every screen size. Since this is the time when users prefer to search for anything and everything through their mobile devices, it becomes an evident need to create websites that work seamlessly on mobile devices as well. 

Social Media and Search Engine Friendly

Just to let you know, Drupal is also known to have a precise structure for search optimization. With your decision of building a Drupal website, you get yourself entitled to receive clean URLs. The rest of the work is done by the Meta Tags module that allows you to create unique descriptions, page titles, keywords. Not just this, with the help of the module, you can also create social sharing descriptions for your webpages. There are certain other Drupal modules as well that facilitate the easy sharing of your website content to different social media sites. 


When it comes to creating different types of content, Drupal is the perfect platform to do that. Without the need or use of code, it makes it easier to set up different content types. In case you don’t know, it is very crucial to classify content types for various reasons for your business. The CMS platform allows you to create a pressroom for product reviews, articles as well as the internal customer database and that too easily and quickly. 

So, these are some of the main reasons why Drupal supersede other CMS platforms available in the market. For a fact, the huge popularity of Drupal can be analyzed by the fact that it holds a 2.8% share in the CMS market. And if the aforementioned reasons are enough for you to choose Drupal over other CMS platforms to build a website, connect with Auxesis Infotech. We are counted amongst the top Drupal developers carrying years of experience and expertise in offering the best web solutions and exceptional customer service.

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