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How does a Wifi Router work? Decoding its functionality

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Gone are the days when Wi-Fi access was limited to airports, coffee shops, or hotels. Due to the rising need for Wifi or wireless connections, we can now find it in every house or workplace, thanks to our fast-paced lives!

Today, Wifi connections have become an integral part of our lives. While we are all aware of its significant contribution to our daily lives, many of us remain clueless about the basic functioning of a wireless Wifi connection. So, let’s get introduced to the basics of wifi connections below.

A Wifi connection works in a similar manner as other transmission devices. It essentially uses radio frequencies to deliver signals between our routers and other devices. With these frequencies, it provides superfast wireless internet and network connections.

The communication that takes place across a wireless network is typically two-way radio communication. Let’s take a quick look to understand what exactly happens:

  1. First, a computer’s wireless adapter converts the data into a radio signal which is further transmitted using an antenna
  2. Then, the wireless Wi-Fi router receives a signal that is sent for decoding. Once it is decoded, the router will pass the information to the internet with the help of a wired Ethernet connection

Like every technology, a Wifi connection has undergone many changes. With the advancements made in Wifi technologies, it has now become easier to connect devices, such as laptops, phones, tablets, and smart TVs to our routers. This is simply because these gadgets have an in-built wireless adapter or a Wi-Fi card that picks up the radio frequencies to ensure our devices stay connected to the wireless network.

Whether one is planning to use a Wifi connection for home networks, local networks, wide area networks, or even public networks, it is important to follow certain protocols to protect the devices. Enter Wi-Fi security encryption protocols. Today, several Wifi connections offer maximum safety. However, it is recommended to opt for only high degree security ones as they ensure that the data is not hacked or breached.

Below are some of the best Wifi security protocols that will avoid unauthorized access to wireless devices:

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) Protocol

Well, this security protocol was first-of-its-kind as it was launched in the year 1999. Today, many of us have outgrown the WEP network due to various security reasons. Therefore, it has been replaced by other security alternatives.

W-Fi Protected Access (WPA) Protocol

The WPA Protocol emerged in the 2000s after the WEP network failed to deliver the desired results.

This network is further bifurcated into two types:

  • Pre-shared Key
  • Temporary Key Integrity Protocol

Although, the above-mentioned types of WPA offer some protection, the WPA-PSK was considered relatively secure. However, many hackers still managed to crack this code, which further led to the downfall of WPA too!

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) Protocol

It is one of the strongest, trusted and most reliable security protocols. Since it is an advancement of WPA, it contains a higher level of security encryption for wireless networks. Therefore, it is widely used to secure home Wi-Fi networks.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) Protocol

The latest one amongst the Wi-Fi security protocols is WPA3. It is largely used in routers that are manufactured from 2019. Therefore, today, the WPA3 protocol is seen in every hardware device.

Ever since its creation in the 90s, a Wifi connection has become one of the universally accepted technologies. Its massive growth and popularity have opened doors for many internet service providers. Therefore, see to it that you pick only a known provider and the best wireless Wifi router with benefits to ensure you receive the best of everything!

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