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How Creative Teams Can Get Functionfox Project Management Solution 

Amy Jackson

A creative agency or department has its own unique processes and they are part of a growing and dynamic industry.

A creative agency or department has its own unique processes and they are part of a growing and dynamic industry. They provide creative services to multiple departments and industrial clients which means they often face challenges. Their problems can be common project management-related issues or unique to their firm. They need a platform to help them keep track of all internal and external activities. FunctionFox is a solution that promises to help keep track of all employees, tasks, and concurrent projects.  

The software opens all lines of communication and addresses common challenges faced by creative groups. They face more complex problems relevant to the chaotic intake process or a lack of understanding about job roles within larger organizations. It helps in-house teams make smarter decisions by developing a creative solution. There are features that every creative firm needs to help them carry out day-to-day operations without missing a beat. To make the most out of them they need to be completely aware of what they lack and what they require.  

Identify Problems 

It is important that the business understands what their current project management process lacks before they can make any attempt to improve it. The entire team should be engaged in a brainstorming session to identify their pain points, needs, and unaddressed issues. Working with the team is one way to get everyone on board and set the new system up for success. FunctionFox software has many must-have and should-have features which help creative teams evaluate their workload and streamline workflows.  

Be Realistic 

This can be a problem for most teams who think their existing framework is too simple and they need a system with a heavy-duty module for every department. The complex system will only slow them down because it takes a long time for new users to get familiar with all the capabilities. FunctionFox offers a demo or free trial of its interface so teams can test drive the system before they make any commitments. They can go through all the functions in detail and determine whether or not the project management solution will fit into their organization. 

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Get Off on the Right Foot 

When taking on a new project it is important for companies to get all the information they need. Open communication early on can avoid mistakes in the future and ensure that work is always proceeding in the right direction. Having a well-organized onboarding process can help with the projects and get all the right information to get teams started. FunctionFox demo has online request forms that establish the expectations of a client and makes sure the entire team has all the information they need to begin the right way. 

Plan Every Hour 

Without a centralized cloud-based timesheet it can be difficult for teams to account for each employee’s activities. They help with invoicing based on billable hours and give managers a broader perspective of how the company’s time is being spent. These timesheets provide a lot of insight that can help boost efficiency and productivity. This data can be used to support staffing decisions and facilitate project management. FunctionFox has online timesheets with a simple and intuitive interface. They can easily be adapted to the schedule of any company.  

Create Lists 

Task management is one of the most valuable features when it comes to planning and tracking projects. It is a much more advanced version of the To-Do list which gives teams complete control over what every team member is working on. It is especially useful for corporate organizations because they can assign workloads with ease. FunctionFox software allows team leaders to follow up on every task and get progress updates instantly. They can make sure no task is forgotten or information is missing. It has unlimited customized fields which make inputting data a lot easier. Users can capture whatever data they need and display it in the most useful and visually appealing manner. 

Have a Plan 

Planning requires detailed scheduling and a robust project management solution like Functionfox gives managers the chance to view, edit and plan according to the timelines and available resources. It also helps prevent scheduling overloads and simplifies the entire procedure. There are Gannt charts and calendar-views of schedules available on the platform which help keep track of all important dates. There are also desktop features through which critical information is available at a glance. 

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Get All the Stats 

The project management system brings the advantage of immediacy to all creative firms. Software like Functionfox demo can help them generate reports and organize information in multiple ways. They do not need to wait until the end of the month or quarter to produce important statistical information. Project progress can be tracked at any time of the day, month, or year. Instantly generating reports, graphs, charts, and sheets can help make sense of where the project is headed. It summarizes the productivity, personnel, resource management, clients, and other departments.  

Set Up Communication Channels 

FunctionFox uses project blogs and file-sharing tools to improve its internal communication and collaboration options. All project updates are communicated in one place which is set up as soon as a new project begins. This thread is active for the complete life cycle of the project. The entire team uses the blog to post comments, share files, and store information in chronological order. 

Rely on Support 

Customer support can make or break a project management software and having access to them through multiple channels is important. FunctionFox offers unlimited access to their technical support representatives who help with the setup, implementation, and training. They form a relationship with their clients and help them navigate the murky water of project management. There are several support packages available to clients and they depend on the type of creative team and their level of experience. Having a friendly and knowledgeable support team to answer any questions related to the product is critical for businesses. 

If teams buy project management software with all these things in mind they will not face any issues during the adoption phase.   

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