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Top 10 Healthcare App Ideas That Will Change the Healthcare Industry

Gourav Sharma

healthcare industry has been going through a lot of technological changes in recent times. 

It is due to the advanced technology is making, which is being used in hospitals and clinics. Yet, these changes are taking healthcare industries to achieve more and treat patients in a better way. Healthcare Apps is one such introduction that is revolutionizing the entire system of healthcare. 

They help in getting faster, better, and accurate diagnostic results. 

Since the pandemic hit the world, the use of such healthcare apps has increased. Everyone started using different healthcare apps to stay fit and from the convenience of their houses. 

This was one reason for the increase in the demand and improvement of several healthcare apps. In this article, we are going to discuss the top 10 healthcare app ideas that will change the healthcare industry for the better. 

1. Online On-Demand Doctor

One of the most important and beneficial healthcare app ideas is developing on-demand doctor applications. It may happen sometimes that you are visiting someplace, and you don’t feel good, and now you want to consult a doctor. But the problem is that you can find one in an emergency. This is where an On-Demand Doctor App could prove to be beneficial.

Additionally, in the pandemic, it was very dangerous to walk out of your house and consult the doctor in case of emergency.

So, several doctors started dealing with patients through online portals. So, ideas for a healthcare online app that can help you consult your doctor from anywhere and anytime could prove to be effective and life-saving. This can create a positive change and provide several conveniences for patients as well as doctors.

2. Health Alert Apps

In this fast-moving world, we often forget to take care of our health. And that is especially during the time when you suffer from serious health conditions. Proper monitoring is very essential in several diseases. 

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One such healthcare app idea that can be very effective and prove to be very beneficial is the Health alert apps. These health alert applications can use everyone to always keep a track of their health conditions.

These apps can install with wearables such as fit-bits or smartwatches to say the wearer in case of any abnormality. This can help patients that suffer from increased blood pressure or stress.

3. Appointment booking app

One of the best ideas for a healthcare app that can transform the waiting culture at hospitals and clinics is creating appointment booking apps. It has often seen that patients have to wait in long queues to book an appointment. This is where an appointment booking app can prove to be useful. ‘

It will provide the users’ workability to book appointments from their smartphones without waiting in long queues. It can additionally embed with a payment platform to pay online and reduce contact between other members of the clinic. 

4. Diet and Exercise tracker apps

Frequent exercise and a healthy diet are the keys to developing a healthy lifestyle. It is very important to keep in check what is the number of calories that you are intaking. And are you burning excessive calories that are not good for your health? Yet, it gets very difficult to track these factors in everyday life. 

But, several medical app development companies are trying to create Diet and Exercise trackers applications, to watch different healthcare aspects. 

Diet and Exercise tracking app can help you watch what you are consuming and how many calories it contains. Additionally, when embedded with wearables, you can also watch the number of calories you burnt while exercising and if it is less or more than required.

5. App for Management of Chronic diseases

Chronic diseases have become very common in recent times. And the danger they have can lead to another global pandemic. Chronic diseases need proper monitoring and timely tests to keep them under control. Yet, sometimes it can get very difficult for patients to maintain a routine. An idea to create an app for the management of chronic disease would be very effective.

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Chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart problems, and blood pressure strangenesses can all watch with the help of these applications. So, they will come in handy in an emergency situation and create daily and weekly reports for the patient’s vitals.

6. Medical records app

One of the challenges that several healthcare facilities face is keeping the records of the patients. So, this problem can solve when you can create an app that will store the patients’ medical records and allow easy access. This will save a lot of precious time and reduce any physical paperwork that goes in while storing medical reports. 

These applications can prove to be very effective to patients as well. It will help them to maintain a medical history. With the help of such applications, they will be able to refer to the medications they prescribe. It also will help them to check any underlying disease that can be causing problems.

7. Mental Health apps

People often suffer from mental health problems, and it becomes very difficult for them to visit doctors and therapists for help. Thus, applications that can focus on improving the mental health of the patient will be very useful. These applications can embed with activities that help patients with mental issues to relax and release stress.

These applications can help patients to concentrate on their physical surroundings rather than consume their minds. Mental Health is becoming a major concern for people around the world. The medical app development company can help a lot of people with this app that can be life-changing

8. Prescription detail and pricing app

App idea that will transform the healthcare industry is the prescription detail and pricing application. This will be very convenient for the patients to learn about their medicines. And understand what is the purpose of a particular medicine and how it will affect them?

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An extra benefit of these applications will be the price comparison they will provide to buy medicines they find cheaper.

9. Online medicine stores with delivery

Applications that base on an e-commerce pharmacy website will be very effective. The reason is, it provides the users with the feasibility of ordering medicines from their smartphones. This will be very effective when the patients don’t have a caretaker. The healthcare app cost is also very low for such apps, and they can be very beneficial.

10. Aid for Women’s app

This is one of the most significant apps that will help a lot of women deal with several problems. These applications can help them keep track of their mensuration cycles. It will be very effective for pregnant women to keep in mind the dates and timing. It will also help them learn about their physical health and what measures they can take to ward off health issues. A healthcare software development company that can come up with such an app will enjoy several benefits.


Healthcare apps have begun to serve an important role in the healthcare business. The usage of wearable devices in healthcare and the invention of mobile applications is growing. Countless people all over the globe have come to depend on wearable gadgets to check their health. So, with such ideas for applications, it will become very effective and easy to help patients. 

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