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Give your business the power of modern communication with WhatsApp Business API.

Niti Sharma

WhatsApp Business API service is a powerful solution that businesses can easily use to improve client communication

The WhatsApp Business API service is a powerful solution that businesses can easily use to improve client communication and strengthen customer relationships. The platform has a strong 2 billion active user base, and more than 1 billion messages are exchanged every day. It is a powerful communication medium that businesses should use to connect with their customers. 

WhatsApp Business API India has been designed for companies to enable them to communicate with their customers quickly and securely. Many people prefer messaging over voice communication to get answers to their queries. WhatsApp is undoubtedly the most popular platform used by millions of users worldwide. People like to communicate with a business in the same way they talk to family and friends over WhatsApp. It is easy to use, quick and effortless for users. Let’s discuss how this powerful communication system helps businesses.

IVR deflection

With IVR deflection, a business can provide prompt services – quick query resolution and offer high customer satisfaction. It can easily route the incoming calls to WhatsApp, optimise the call volumes, and reduce wait time. Deflection from IVR to WhatsApp allows a business to engage effectively, and the customers can also effortlessly resolve their queries by communicating at their convenience. 

Customer Preferences

Modern business communication is all about giving importance to customer preferences, and companies can prioritise the customers’ preferences by providing them the option to switch to WhatsApp. Customers can choose to connect with a business on WhatsApp in the same way as they connect with their family and friends.

Reduces Load on IVR

 IVR deflection reduces the load on the contact center and connects the agents or live bots on WhatsApp to solve customer queries. It helps improve the quality of the call operations while keeping the cost low. They can reduce the call volumes to a great extent, and the business can serve more customers with fewer agents. 

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Streamlined customer engagement

WhatsApp Business API services help reduce the average handling time and the repeat calls. Customers can effectively connect with the company and communicate without any confusion as they get direct, quick answers to all their questions. The business also gets fewer callbacks; thus, the whole client communication process is improved, helping the company attract more customers. 

Better Agent Efficiency

This modern communication system- WhatsApp business API India allows to improve agent efficiency. On WhatsApp, they can handle more than one customer and therefore solve more queries in a day and optimally utilise the resources available. This way, they can serve more customers and provide high customer satisfaction. Moreover, it allows businesses to reap the benefits of cost savings. A company gets cost savings by simply moving from an asynchronous channel to a synchronous channel. 

Better CX

The new mode of client communication – WhatsApp business API India engages customers with greater efficiency. Companies can quickly provide information regarding refund inquiries and offer after-sales support. They can also improve the shopping experience by providing personalised recommendations and enabling chat-commerce. 


The conversation bots also help improve the customer engagement process by making the business available 24×7. Such omnipresence helps companies establish credibility and evoke trust among existing and potential customers. The solution helps acquire more customers and retain more customers by being immediately available for them. It helps to increase sales and revenue and maximise the business’s profitability. 

Reduced cost of operation

The cost of the operation is also reduced as fewer calls are needed to be attended. It is because most customers rely on the bots to get answers to their questions. They can enter or leave the conversation whenever they want to and get a quicker resolution to their queries without even contacting a live agent. Such an omnipresence is possible with the help of the WhatsApp Business API.

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Knowlarity is a famous cloud telephony company offering thousands of organisations the opportunity to use WhatsApp Business API services and promote business growth by attracting more customers. The company is a popular choice of more than 6000 organisations in 65+ countries and has become a reliable name that businesses can rely on to improve their client communication. Book a free trial or request a demo for the product. 

The solution enables businesses to seamlessly transit from the IVR call to the WhatsApp Business number and drastically reduce the load on the call center. A company can deploy the live agents or the bots as per the requirement. It can ensure that the customers connect with a business, whether with a live agent or a bot, to get quick and correct answers to their questions. It helps to provide high customer satisfaction and a better CX. It enables the communication system to go beyond the conversational IVR and improve the customer engagement process by adding a multichannel experience.

Rather than depending on voice interaction, businesses effectively allow their customers to engage with the company with messages. Consumers might prefer messaging as per their convenience, and they are familiar with the WhatsApp platform, so it becomes undisputedly the ideal platform to connect with a business. It helps increase the rate of First Call Resolution and provides high customer satisfaction. Companies can drastically reduce the call wait time by allowing customers to switch to the WhatsApp account and communicate effortlessly using the messaging platform. 

 In this way, a business can connect with more customers with less human resources and reduce the cost of operation. Also, the call handling time is reduced, and several customer queries can be solved concurrently. So, the business can serve multiple customers and provide them with the query resolution they need. 

 They can quickly resolve their queries as they need not wait in a call queue to connect with the agent. On WhatsApp, the query resolution process is simple, easy, and quick. So, a business connects with its customers 24×7 and can continue to provide high customer satisfaction at all times. Companies can answer several queries on the WhatsApp channel. For instance, the BFSI sector can use the platform to give answers to questions such as providing account statements, loan inquiries, credit limits, and answering customer queries regarding lost and stolen credit cards. Similarly, the e-commerce sector can use the best WhatsApp business API solutions to continue the conversation seamlessly on the channel regarding order status, returns, delivery, etc. 

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