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Future Smartphone Technology for 2022

Hussain Ali

Do you use your smartphone as much as the average person? These devices play a huge role in our modern lives. It would have been hard to predict a decade ago just how prevalent the smartphone would become across the culture and across the world.

So what does the future bring? The future smartphone is likely to surprise us in as many ways as the current one does now. Considering current smartphone technology and theorizing about what the next generation smartphone might look like can be an engaging way to pass the time.

What are some of the more reasonable smartphone predictions out there? Read on and we’ll walk you through what you need to know.

Foldable Phones

Remember the flip phones of yesteryear? It might be about time that this kind of thing comes back into style. 

One major prediction for the future of smartphones is that foldable phones will make a comeback in a major way. People want to be able to adjust the size of their phone depending on their needs at the given moment. Foldable phones allow one to do just that. 

The trick that tech has not yet reached up to? Maintaining the quality of visual display when crafting this kind of malleability. You want to be able to maintain the quality of a screen like the one on the ZTE Under-display Camera Smartphone, and this might take some time for tech developers to figure out.

However, five to ten years down the line, it very well might be the norm. 

Visual Medium Integration

Have you heard about the unveiling of Facebook’s RayBans VR sunglasses? It’s the latest in a series of moves tech giants have made towards bringing the world of augmented reality towards smartphones.

The future of smartphones might actually turn out to be less smartphone-heavy. The thought of many tech heavies is that one can pull out their phone only when they need to do an involved task. Otherwise? They can rely on connected and augmented visual tech to transmit the most important information directly to their eyeballs.

Huge tech companies all over are pursuing these types of tech advances, and it’s only a matter of time before these products start to roll out to the general consumer.

Portless Phones

The future is wireless. In fact, the present is already a half-step into the wireless world, with Bluetooth connections taking over for much of our previously wired systems.

You can expect this change to continue into the future. There’s a very good chance that the smartphones even a few years down the line might commit to having no ports or plug-ins whatsoever. Everything will be wireless.

AirPods are the first and most popular example of this change, but soon charging, communicating, and doing just about anything with our devices might all happen without the need of any plugging in. 

Predicting the Future Smartphone

Where will the future smartphone evolution take us next? It can be hard to predict what the future of smartphones might look like, but the above guesses are more than likely to take shape in some form. 

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