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Fix the printer scanning problem with some simple steps

Suzanne Shanks

Many printer devices offer scanning functions. You can take a printout and scan using a single machine. Most of the new printer series offer multifunctionality. After printer configuration, you can access the printer for different functions. But sometimes, the printer starts showing scanning errors.

Reasons behind printer scanning error

  1. Scanner related files are not working
  2. Some registry files get corrupted
  3. Scanner driver for working
  4. The printer is not corrected correctly
  5. The firewall is interrupting the scanning process

Troubleshooting printer scanner issues

Run scanner troubleshooter

When the scanning function on the printer is not working, use a troubleshooter. Scanning errors can appear when some scanner-related files are not working.

The user can’t search or repair those files manually. To fix those files, you can use the scanner troubleshooter. On PC, go to the troubleshooter tab and run the scanner troubleshooter.

It will inspect all scanner-related files and repair them. After repairing those files, you can retry to use the scanning function on your printer.

Restart the printer

In the printer, you can scan and print differently. While taking printouts, if you immediately try to use the scanner; appear will appear. It occurs when the printer is not ready to scan.

When you get scanning issues, restart the printer. After restarting, the functions will start from the beginning and then you can easily scan the documents. Instead of using the power button for restarting, remove the power cable.

When you reconnect it, all the functions will start running. Now go to the printer and try to scan your document.

Repair the scanner driver

You should check the driver when the Brother printer scan to PC not working. If the printer is taking printouts but not scanning then inspect its driver. A scanning error may appear when the printer’s scanner driver is corrupted.

Go to your PC and open the scanner driver. Now check its files and update. Run the scanner driver to the latest update. When the driver is not updating and showing errors then inspect the files. You are getting errors due to corrupted scanner driver files. If you have a driver repair tool then run it and fix the files.

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Otherwise, reinstall the scanner driver. Remove the corrupted scanner software and get a new one from the web. Now install it and check for the scanning issues.

Repair the corrupted registry files

Scanning errors can appear due to corrupted .reg files. You have to repair those files otherwise the process won’t get the correct path.

Run sfc/scannow utility and your registry editor will appear. But the system will allow you to access the registry editor only when you have admin credentials.

After opening the registry editor, check for scanning-related corrupted registry files. Repair the files and close the editor. Now use the printer for scanning and check for the error.

Reconnect the printer

If the printer seems to be working but you are unable to scan then reconnect it. Scanning issues appear when the printer is not connected correctly to the network or PC. Disconnect the cable and wait. Now reconnect the printer and use it for scanning. On the network, disable the Wi-Fi button on the printer. Enable it after a minute and then check for the connection.

Disable the firewall on the system

When you are using the scanner function on the network, check for the firewall. Many times, the device’s firewall suspects the scanning function as malicious and blocks the network.

Due to this, the user can’t use the scanning function on the network. Whenever the error appears, go to your PC and then disable your firewall. Now use the printer and try to scan the document on the network.

After completing the scanning process, the user should enable the device’s firewall. To prevent this error in the future, you can add the scanner in the exception column of the firewall. Now the firewall won’t interrupt the scanning function on the network. 

Remove viruses from your device

Many times, the virus stops the printer while scanning. The printer takes the scan but due to virus infection, your PC can’t receive it correctly. To fix scanning errors, remove malware.

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Go to your antivirus and run the full scan. After cleaning the device, restart it. Now use the scanning service on the printer. When your printer is still now allowing scan, ask for help.

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