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Everything You Need to Know About Woocommerce Payment Gateway

Everything You Need to Know About Woocommerce Payment Gateway
Elma St Clair

Payment gateway refers to an eCommerce service that enables merchants to process, verify and accept payments on a website. While their main purpose is to facilitate online transactions between merchants and customers, they are also important for ensuring the legitimacy and security of payments, most of which are important to any consumer with a credit card. 

Why do you need a payment gateway for your business?

Payment gateways lessen the chances of credit card fraud within an eCommerce business. They ensure that the customer’s data is encrypted and secure so that online users enjoy a seamless and smooth shopping experience.

Most banks and financial institutions are now turning towards online payment gateways to connect merchants with customers, and while it might seem like a lot of work to integrate one on your website, it is quite the opposite.

Payment gateways require low maintenance and can be integrated with almost zero effort. If you have a WooCommerce website, here is a guide on how you can integrate one of the safest payment gateways with your WooCommerce website.

How to find the right WooCommerce payment gateway?

Having a suitable WooCommerce payment gateway is conclusively important for any e-commerce store because it enables buyers to receive payments through different methods, such as credit/debit cards, online bank transfers, and cryptocurrency. Square promotes itself as a business financial solution to enhance your business. This is because they provide multiple solutions like commercial payments, hardware payments, shipping, delivery, collection charges, and other financial services. 

In this blog, we’ll guide you about the plugin exclusively offered by APIExperts “Square For WooCommerce. This guide will cover everything you need to know to collect money using this plugin. 

What is Square Payment Gateway?

Square is a leading mobile payment gateway and merchant service provider located in California, USA. Its software and hardware product range includes Square Reader and Register. For merchants and sole retailers who want reliable payment transfer facilities through Android and iOS apps, online transactions, etc. Square Payment Gateway is a good choice.

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The Plugin’s Magic 

APIExperts product Square for WooCommerce integration can help you wander and coordinate your services, products, and categories between Square and WooCommerce. This plugin enables you to accept payments in various ways. As we detailed before, it is a comprehensive toolkit for enterprises. However, if you want to accept payments through WooCommerce, you need to activate this plugin to start your business by accepting simple and recurring payments globally. 

What you’ll get with this plugin: 

• Supports WooCommerce subscriptions payments 

• Supports WooCommerce pre-orders 

• Enable customers to save their preferred payment methods 

• Use responsive and friendly checkout 

The list of Prerequisites 

 • Valid SSL certificate 

•  Regular Square account 

• WordPress 4.8 Or higher version

 • PHP 5.5 or higher version

Viewpoint for Using Square For WooCommerce

Authentic Payment Gateway

With this plugin, you can reliably offer your services with secure payment acceptance for all payment methods. At this time, payment gateways enable you to accept payments from standard debit/credit cards. Anyone from the UK, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, and Ireland can make payments without difficulty. All they have to do is to pick their payment gateway and provide essential information to get started. In this simple way, you can kick off your enterprise.

 If people have any major credit or debit cards, they can easily transfer money. This is the reason behind the usage of a payment gateway. Moreover, you can also use a range of digital wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay to accept payments. In this way, you can make things easier and quicker. 

The Best Pricing Plan 

You’ll get the best pricing for Square for WooCommerce. When you go to the pricing package, they have professed each plan. If the payment gateway charges a certain amount for different currencies, it will mention the percentage rate. You can check the pricing section and learn more about charges and percentages. You can also check their examples to understand the exact cost of each transaction. In this way, you can easily set the profit margin for all categories and prices. You can know what you need to do and the exact price you need to pay. Apparently, all credit cards and payment gateways charge differently. So, this is the best thing to do here. 

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Super-Fast and Highly Security 

Plugins are the best resource to increase security. The plugin and payment gateway provides security across the board to ensure that everything is normal. In short, you can easily use this payment gateway without worrying about any safety issues. Your client’s funds are safe. The plugin is also compatible with standard PC complaints. In short, Square for WooCommerce provides everything you need to do. There are no security charges. In this manner, you can ensure that the payment gateway is secure.

 In addition, the plugin provides an ease to your visitors. Please note that you need to pay transaction fees. These are the fees you only need to pay when the transaction is approved. If the payment misses the mark or no one pays, you don’t have to pay anything in this case. Therefore, transparent pricing is one of the biggest advantages of Square for WooCommerce.

Subscription and Integration

There are limited payment plugins that allow you to integrate with subscriptions. You can definitely trust this plugin for recurring payments. However, the plugin charges a minimum amount against services. In this way, you can easily use this plugin, and if you are looking for a free plugin that supports subscriptions, things will become easier. You can use other plugins, but there is no security. 


Square for WooCommerce payment gateway makes e-commerce websites flexible and robust. All changes made to register in WooCommerce are automatically synchronized to the gateway. In addition, please make sure to trial this payment gateway properly before using it. It is significant to test the plugin before you start using it commercially. You can get testing account details from your account. It is an affordable solution for managing online sales and picture-perfect packages for small enterprise owners, freelancers, and others. Do you need more reasons to start using this gateway? I guess it is not.

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