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How To Embed Slack On Website – A Step-By-Step Guide

Jack Roger


Slack started 8 years back and since then it has been making big leaps in the corporate world for internal communication. Slack is introduced by the American software company to ease the internal communication between employees and the organization. As like employees were getting familiar with the social media platforms to communicate with their friends and family. Similarly, Slack allows organizations to communicate with their employees in a similar way to social media channels by sending them messages, socializing, sharing important information, form dedicated chat groups, etc. to enhance internal communication among employees. 

By 2021, Slack is popular among all organizations and now it is owned by the biggest CRM software worldwide, known as Salesforce. This has made the usage of slack more lucrative for organizations and keeps employees connected with the customers’ data and reports. Hence, the power of Slack is increasing every day and efforts are continuously making to improve internal communications better. 

One such innovative way to empower Slack communication is through embedding Slack chats over the organization’s website or web pages in order to expose internal chats with a large number of audiences. 

In this blog, we are going to discuss how you can embed Slack on websites and use it in more fruitful ways. Here is all about embedding Slack into a website and how it works for your organization. If you are ready, then let’s get started. 

How Slack Works For Organisation

Slack is introduced to ease internal communication with a messaging app similar to social media channels. It comes with lots of features that make internal communication more effective and powerful. Organizations use Slack to improve their internal communication by managing using a bit of informal method of communication. 

Slack offers various features where you can keep conversations between groups through channels, create a dedicated & limited number of members through private channels, and send personal messages through direct messages options. 

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This means that for every employee, the dashboard of Slack is different and has different purposes. With different channels, you can keep interacting with your employees on Slack. 

What Is Embedding Slack On Websites?

As many brands and businesses are embedding social media posts on their website, you can also embed Slack on websites or a blog posts. You can create a stream of Slack on website pages and display them accordingly on your website. You can embed Slack on website pages and insert them into your website effectively. Displaying slack chats over your organization’s website comes with lots of benefits, which we are going to discuss in the next section.  

Benefits Of Embedding Slack On The Website

Allow Your Website Visitors To Check Your Internal Organization’s Chat

Other than employees, hundreds of other people come to check your website. These include your clients, competitors, shareholders, potential customers, and seekers who want to know more about your company. Embedding Slack chats over the internet help you spread your organization’s culture with your website visitors.

Enhance Employee Engagement

Another way Slack adds more into your internal communication aspect is by improving employee engagement through the single platform. Displaying the important chats from Slack on your website keeps all your employees on the same page and helps them know about the information that is available for all. Stream of Slack chats keeps updating on the website which entices employees and visitors to stay engaged with the Slack feeds on the website. 

Improves Transparency Between Employees

Displaying Slack on websites increases the transparency of information among your employees. It will help in making a platform where all the employees get to know the same information. When every employee learns the same information, it will build a strong relationship between the organization and employees. 

Bring All Employees Together

Another benefit of displaying Slack chats over the web page or website is that you can keep your employees together at the same platform, from where they can easily fetch the information without any need to open the Channel on the Slack app. Embedding Slack on a website saves your employees, as well as helps, reduce the chances of distractions. 

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Attract More Employees To Your Organisation

Before any job seeker applies to work in the organization, they want to know about the organization’s culture. When job seekers learn about your organization’s culture through Slack chats, they learn about the core of your organization and how you talk to them. 

How To Embed Slack On A Website?

Using the social media aggregator tool or social media widget tool, you can easily embed the collection of slack on your website. With these tools, you can collect, curate and embed Slack on websites. There are several social media aggregator tools like Taggbox widget, Tagembed, EmbedSocial, Elfsight, and many more that provide the functionality to integrate Slack chats or feeds on the website without any technicalities. 

Summing Up

Now we are at the end of this blog, it is your time to leverage the advantage of embedding Slack on websites and keep your employees and seekers connected with your company’s culture.

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