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How To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website

Leo Smith

Instagram hashtag feed can be embedded on your website and can be engaging for your audience and boost sales. Read more to embed Instagram hashtag feeds on websites.

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A hashtag is an important way to increase Instagram’s audience and get more and more reach. Brands and associations often use this hashtag feature to reach their target audience. Instagram hashtags are one of the most indomitable tools to gain engagement on the posts. Embedding Instagram hashtags helps brands, businesses, and retailers to outreach their target audience. 

Before knowing how to embed an Instagram hashtag feed on a website, one should know what is a hashtag feed?

Hashtag feed means collection & curation of all the posts containing specific hashtags from Instagram ( or any other social media) into a widget.

Why You Should Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website

First things first, one should know why to embed an Instagram hashtag feed on a website.

Following are some of the reasons:-

  • Intensifies website design 
  • Displays user-generated content
  • Escalates user engagement 
  • Connects Instagram with website

Methods To Embed Instagram Hashtag Feed On Website

Following are the ways and methods to embed Instagram hashtag feed on a website.

1. Instagram Widget

To put it in a simple and uncomplicated way, the Instagram widget is a feed of Instagram posts that gets embedded on a website. It collects all pertinent content from Instagram thereby, making the website highly engaging. 

Another important feature is that it fabricates social proof with the substantiated content. 

You can also customize the design of the feed as per the occasions, industry, etc. with various themes. It offers a moderation feature as well that helps to change and moderate the content.

2. Screenshots To Display 

Visual content always has an appealing approach. Photos affix colors and life to the website and help in bringing more engagement to the brands and gaining more viewers. 

The steps are effortlessly easy. Just take screenshots of Instagram posts or pictures in general which are relevant to your brands.

Now embed the social feed with these screenshots to your website and voila, here is your enticing and eye-catching website ready to take over the market.

3. Instagram Embed Code 

Instagram also has an inbuilt feature wherein you can embed posts for the website. Just open the post and you can find HTML code for the post which can be easily pasted in the website’s backend or as per the positioning and placement of the feed. 

Merits-  You can have a personalized Instagram feed. 

Demerits – There are some limitations regarding the moderations and customizations.

4. WordPress Plugins

If your website is built on WordPress, then you can get your Instagram hashtag feed embedded using this feature. 

To save your time and shoot up the engagement, it has customizable features. 

The plugin can be installed in a trouble-free manner and therefore, displays the Instagram feed the way you want it.

5. Embedding Shoppable Feed

Simple is boring. This not so simple statement says a lot! 

A shoppable Instagram feed adds fun and helps brands in making its consumers stick to their couch potatoes thereby, increasing the viewer’s insights and engagements.

Buyers or consumers are just a click away to view their favorite products. This makes it simple and easy for them to view their products virtually and helps their shopping experience. 

The brands, associations can do this by adding tags to the products in the post to highlight the shopping experience of the people. 

Tools like Taggbox, Tagembed, etc. help you in accelerating your e-commerce by providing all possible online shopping options with an uninterrupted HTML code.


Embedding your social media or simply Instagram hashtag can create a lot more effect and influence rather than a mere presence of your brand on Instagram.

Just embed your social media and wait for the magic.

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