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Effective Traffic Management Through Automation

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Traffic is one amongst our most frustrating experiences. There area unit worse cities than others. in step with the most recent TomTom traffic index report you are seemingly on one amongst the highest ten most-choked roads worldwide if you mire in traffic in metropolis or Bengaluru.

The index has provided insight into tie up in over four hundred cities round the world since 2010. time period traffic knowledge powers the index. The index was created by TomTom International (an Amsterdam-based supplier of location technology). These knowledge area unit derived from 600 million connected devices. quickly the traffic jam was mitigated by the pandemic of 2020. A decrease in congestion affected 387 out of four hundred cities.

TomTom Traffic Index

India has flat-topped the TomTom Traffic Index 2019 with four cities among the highest 10 engorged within the world. prime 3 cities embody Bengaluru (71%), metropolis (65%), Pune (59%), Indian capital (56%), and Pune (59%). alternative top-10 world cities embody Manila, Philippines and Republic of Colombia national capital in Colombia.

New Delhi ranks eighth this year in congestion ranking, that is additional time period stuck in traffic. town had its worst congestion (81%) on Gregorian calendar month twenty third, whereas the bottom (6%) was recorded on March twenty first 2019.

Global tie up has redoubled over the past decade. The new Traffic Index Report enclosed A239 cities (57% TomTom). solely sixty-three cities reportable any decreases in congestion between 2018 and 2019. world congestion will increase area unit an indication that there’s a robust economy, however they conjointly return at a major price to the economies: billions.

Traffic may be a advanced drawback that needs coming up with, style and engineering. Traffic signals area unit usually required to be put in and studied to manage traffic at crossroads. The intersections marked area unit the foremost hard bottleneck in cities everywhere the planet. Indian cities area unit a lot of advanced as a result of heterogeneousness and lack of discipline. These are often accustomed model and review traffic signals in Indian cities and improve their potency in terms of car handling capability, delays, and vehicles idle time.

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Managing Traffic

Large-scale hands readying may be a major drawback in tube areas like Delhi and metropolis. This makes traffic management tough. ACSG Corp presently works on an automatic traffic management tool. This tool can be a key element in managing large-scale workforces. It are often tough to know the hierarchy in densely inhabited areas. to create it easier for traffic officers to be deployed expeditiously, the corporate created associate automation analytics tool. the complete method is formed easier and a lot of credible by the employment of a fortnightly action arrange. you’ll see time period data regarding the amount of active personnel in every circle, together with however they’re able to manage a tough scenario and guarantee traffic flow. It will alert districts or ranges instantly to receive data and comments. knowledge from the analytics tool are often used for future methods or coaching employees. this may create it easier to change the method and improve your ability to create future choices.


This technology integration is crucial for the long transformation of the world. Automation has led to important changes in several industries, particularly those who area unit a part of crucial infrastructure. Advanced technology will save time and cash, whereas managing traffic expeditiously and protective property and lives in times of crisis.

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