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Buy Best Micro USB Dual Port Charger With 25% OFF

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Multiport USB Charger

Like fire and water, like day and night, mobile and charges go hand in hand. Dual Port Charger plug directly in an outlet. Unlike typical USB chargers that only provide 500 amps of current at any time, wall chargers supply up to 600 amps which means that it is faster and will take less time to charge your device. 

Imagine a scenario if your USB charger has broken down just when you wanted to make an important call, or just before capturing a once-in-a-lifetime moment. To avoid being caught up in such embarrassing situations your one and only JBTEK has introduced its stylish, durable, and top-quality wall chargers

Install our wall chargers as they are made with quality material. If you install our wall chargers in your home, you will never again have to think of installing a new one any time soon because they are durable and safe to use. We have a variety of adaptors which have got 2.1, 2.4, 3.1 Ampere Power. At present we offer you the best single port USB wall chargers and which assure value for money. 

Dual Port Charger

JBTEK also brings an ultimate solution to your multiple charging needs with its dual-port charger which helps you to charge two devices at a time. Dual-port wall chargers look stylish and are super convenient as well. We offer you the best multiport USB chargers which are completely safe and smart. 

Exclusive fast charging technology and premium quality are assured by us to prevent any damage from short-circuiting or sparking. The plastic finish gives it a rich look and is sure to enhance the look of your switchboard and fit any home decor.

Our wall chargers are one of the best android wall chargers available out there in the market. It also comes with IOS device compatibility.

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