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Did Your Last Exhibition Booth Do Well? Here’s How to Improve the Next

Ranjeet Kumar

Exhibitions and tradeshows are of critical importance for participating businesses. Small businesses and new startups can use these events.

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Exhibitions and tradeshows are of critical importance for participating businesses. Small businesses and new startups can use these events very efficiently to penetrate the market.

However, getting that exhibition booth just right is a tricky task. Overdoing it and leaving room for improvement can both destroy the purpose of that booth. You need to take care of everything on the booth responsibly.

If your last tradeshow booth didn’t achieve the set sales and visitor goals, there would be some reasons for it. Make sure to find those reasons or mistakes out and avoid them for the next public event.

Basically, some little tweaks here and there can make a huge difference. It is important to set the tradeshow or exhibition agenda straight as well. Here are some important changes to make for the next event:

Focus on Lighting – Add Your Own If Needed

Lighting is of great importance for tradeshow events. Organizers usually don’t offer great lighting. It might be good but you need great lighting to make your booth stand out. Also, understand the fact that your business and booth will be competing with many other similar ones on that exhibition floor.

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So, if your tradeshow organizers don’t offer great lighting, make sure to get your own. Also, make sure that lighting is just right without being too bright and too much in the eyes of visitors. Lighting angles are important. Give it a test run before landing that exhibition booth all out.

Go Digital with Branding for Exhibition Booth

Branding will always be vital for tradeshow booths. If you advertise through social media before the event, branding will be even more important. Those banners and flexes need to be just right. However, there is a much better way to execute your branding for that tradeshow booth as well.

Going digital for branding helps attract more attention. Large displays are available that can show dynamic branding content. Also, iPad reception booths can use branding techniques as well. iPad hire are available from tech rental companies. Use digital branding to attract more attention to your booth.

Present Products Attractively on Exhibition Booth

It is always the most important task to present your products more attractively to visitors. More you can do to make that product display attractive will push more sales on that booth. Use modern technology to showcase your products or services. iPads, laptops, and large screens stand out with this one too.

Offer visitors some product demos with digital devices. Get your iPads and other digital screens from a professional tech rental company instead of purchasing. Offer product and service demos in the most attractive way possible. Also, be sure to organize for quick on-spot sales when required as well.

Offer Visitors Some Affordable Refreshments

Looking for some of the best exhibition booth ideas? Try this refreshments idea and you will make it official for every next exhibition. Smaller refreshments like a glass of water, cup of tea/coffee, some candies, and probably cookies don’t cost much. However, these can make your booth superhit quickly.

People would pass the word across the exhibition floor about your refreshment offerings. However, make sure to verify with your exhibition organizers if they allow private refreshments and foods. Some tradeshows only allow their designated food stalls to serve. However, if you have the chance, do it.

Light Up the Exhibition Booth with a Charging Station

For businesses who want the double wow factor, a charging station can be the next big thing. Depending on the nature of it, reviewers and regular people visit exhibitions with their modern devices. Cameras, batteries, and laptops or tablets all run on batteries that run out rather quickly.

So, the objective is to offer all those significant people the chance to charge up on your tradeshow booth. If they like what you offer, a quick shoutout on their social media feed might be what you need. It is a small investment that can pay back big when done right. Charging station rentals are also available.

Have a clear set of goals

Before even booking your exhibition space, be sure to have a clearly defined set of goals for the event.

Are you planning on selling a product? If so, set a sales target and consider payment solutions that will work within an exhibition environment.

Once you have identified your goals, set yourself realistic targets. Ensure you and your team have everything you could need and more.

My biggest bugbear is when someone tells me they have run out of business cards.

Offer Discount Coupons for After Event Purchases

Tradeshow and exhibition booths are all about expanding the brand portfolio. You don’t necessarily have to sell products there. Breaking through the market is also a top result for these events. This is what you can do with discount coupons and codes offered on your tradeshow booths.

Make these exclusive to tradeshows that your business attends. Make people want to come and grab their in-store discount coupons. These work best for retail brands. Service brands might not get the best use for them. Offer coupons that can then be used by customers in-store any time they visit.

Take the Right Team on That Exhibition Booth

Did you take the best team to that recent tradeshow booth? If you did, you’d have a good idea about who worked best. If not, you will still have the chance to rectify this mistake for the next exhibition booth. However, taking the right team is probably the most important exhibition decision.

You need people who can pull the crowd towards your booth. The best guy in the office might not be the best exhibition person. Make that decision carefully. Take crowd pullers, great salespeople, sales closers, and accounts keepers with you on that team for that next big event.

Trade shows and exhibitions offer a massive range of benefits; they equally demand a considerable amount of focus, budget, and commitment.

An exhibition is a perfect opportunity to meet and communicate with people whom you may not otherwise meet and engage as your brand. Attendees of exhibitions are potential buyers looking to source new partners, solutions providers, or buy your product.

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