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Common Error in installing MS Office:

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What is Microsoft Office? Microsoft is a well-known software manufacturer that provides a range of software for systems. One of these are MS Office this is specially created to make it easier for workers to conduct operations , and has become the mainstay of every organization. Today, the world is. MS Office consists of programs such as Word, Excel, Access, OneNote, PowerPoint, Outlook and Publisher. They are available in 35 different languages, and it is widely used with Windows, Mac and most of the Linux versions. There are many reasons for errors to happen in MS Office installation.

Common Errors in MS Office Installation.

  • Install the wrong MS office version. MS office.
  • Fix the corrupted Office Setup Files.
  • The any previous MS Office setup.

This issue very easily:

  • Download the latest setup files from
  • Remove the previous version of MS Office is established in PC
  • After uninstalling, you can put the office into clean boot

However, before installing to boot in clear mode,, you must first try to determine if the result of troubleshooting could be

Solution to the problem if not, then follow the following steps

  • To reach a clean boot, even if you do not know.
  • Then press the Windows key and then R.
  • After that, type msconfig.
  • The System Configuration pop-up is unlocked
  • Then , go to STARTUP and uncheck the checkboxes,
  • Then click Apply, and restart your PC.

After rebooting you are in the Clean Boot Mode and you could now deploy your

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