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Why Install EV Charger at Your Commercial Building?

Julie Langan

According to a survey in August 2021, about 5.6 million pure-electric vehicles are running on the roads worldwide. Out of these 5.6 million, 1.3 million electric cars are in the USA. Moreover, the sales of electric cars in the USA are ever-increasing as in this year, about 250,000 people have purchased EV’s.

According to estimates, about 1.2 million more vehicles will be on the road by the year 2025. It means that people are going towards buying the latest technology as it is convenient. Therefore, with the increase in electric vehicles, the need for charging points will also increase.

People owning significant commercial buildings are now offering their employees and clients an opportunity to charge their electric vehicles in their parking space. It is a marketing strategy that is helping them increase their revenue and get a competitive edge. Therefore, if you are an owner of a business, you should also consider commercial EV charger installation at your parking lot as it will allow you to receive the following advantages.

Put Your Business on Map by Installing EV Chargers

Electric vehicles are still new, so it becomes difficult for car owners to find a charging point. Therefore, they use Apps to locate different charging points in their area. By installing an EV charger at your commercial building parking space, you can get publicity as the app will identify the car owners to our parking space. In this way, more people can visit your building after dropping their car by the charger and explore what your business is offering.

Offer Something to Your Customers that Your Competitors Are Not

While visiting a business, most people will come in their cars. Therefore, if you have EV chargers, your customers will prefer shopping from you instead of your competitors because of the advantage they are getting from you.

In this way, you will attract more customers and get a competitive edge by offering a charging point. Moreover, your customers will feel like they are receiving a superior shopping experience from your business.

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EV Charging Point Will Help You Retain Your Employees

Installing an EV charging point is a proactive approach to creating an innovative and modern culture. Moreover, it will help you attract new customers and retain your employees. Another advantage of installing an EV charger is that the government will allow tax cuts for employees if they use the EV charger for their personal use. Therefore, it is a great option to attract new employees and retain the existing ones.

Bottom Line

The government is introducing low and ultra-low emission zones and banning upcoming diesel and petrol cars.  It will put a lot of pressure on businesses to install EV chargers. Therefore, to avoid this pressure and to take numerous competitive advantages, you should think of installing EV chargers for your customers.

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