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Choosing Between Managed Dedicated Server or Unman-aged Server

Peter Dong

There is plenty of competition among the websites on the web. Your server performance will be the key component in determining the success of your website. There is certain level of planning and analysis involved before you choose to go for the use of managed dedicated server or unman-aged servers for your online property.

Managed Dedicated Server

Many hosts like to not offer the option of a managed dedicated server as a part of their plan. There is always a higher cost involved with the managed server. You are provided technical assistance for every process. For a managed dedicated hosting the company will support for all updating, server error and hosting issues.

Unmanaged Server

With regards to unman-aged server, you are the one that will be handling everything from the installation to the uptime and error fixing. Managing the server becomes challenging when you have little knowledge about the process involved and have hands full of business campaigning and other tasks. Technical know-how will be a piece of good fortune-when you opt for the more affordable unman-aged server.

Ask yourself some questions such as:

  • Do you have the time to manage your own server alone?
  • Is the technical knowledge required for managing a server available with you to perform the essential tasks?

With a managed dedicated server, you get access to admin panel and you can simply set up the elemental configurations of the server. You get peace of mind knowing you can configure the server and manage the website. It is managed by the services provider so there are no hassles involved.

On the other hand, with an unmanaged server you are solely responsible for maintaining and configuring the server. You have to install software to configure mailboxes and domains for the process. Assure the system software is always updated to avert the hacking attacks on the website. People with basic UNIX knowledge may spend the time configuring server. Due to less costs many people choose this server services.

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You can assess the needs and depending on your website functionality, speed and customer traffic choose the desired server.

Peter Dong

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