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Choices MOD APK v2.8.8 (Premium Choices/VIP Unlocked)

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Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK (Free Premium Choices) is a simulation game by the company Pixelberry. Every option may alter your life! With hundreds of tales and situations to choose from. That’s it, isn’t it? Let me show you what this game has to offer!

Overview of Choices: Stories You Play

My mother used to tell me Aladin and the Magic Lamp, One Thousand and One Nights, Achilles’ heel, Beauty and The Beast, etc. as a youngster. I can now create interesting tales of my own in Choices MOD APK.

Choosing a character in the game

You must have a great deal of creativity. Youtubers Life is one such example, as well. Like other game simulation programs like The Sim Mobile, Youtubers Life… When you first join the game, you must customize your character to participate in the stories and circumstances of the game according on your preferences. However, your options will be limited; you will not be able to create the character you desire, but only one of the offered options. But do not overlook this fantastic game because there are fascinating narratives and intriguing circumstances waiting to be discovered.

Learn the story

Choices: Stories You Play is a role-playing game with multiple stories and new ones added every week. The narrative is divided into many distinct categories, including magic, love language, horror, reality, fantasy, … and adult literature (sounds appealing doesn’t it). And the most significant thing is that you may pick any story you want rather than being restricted by chronological order. Because there are so many different tales available, you will not become bored.

Fascinating stories

  • The FreshMan: You’re at the University of Hartfeld, studying. You’ve met several guys like James, Kaitlyn – party gal, soccer hero Chris, and so on in this tale. If you’re attracted to more than one guy, will you date them all at the same time or select one? Find out for yourself! The interesting thing is that you may customise your character’s appearance when attending parties and gatherings.
  • Crown & Flame: Your kingdom has been taken by the enemy in this tale, and you must raise an army to reclaim your crown. Start a revolution and regain your country, which is legally yours.
  • Perfect match: You’ll soon be able to meet your future spouse through Eros Incorporated’s high-tech matchmaking service and become the owner of a date. In this fascinating thriller, you may construct your own style to encounter love.
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Some disadvantages

Choices: Stories You Play stories are written in English and do not contain vietsub. It might be difficult for non-English speakers who spend a lot of time using Google Translate to determine their options.

The game has a few adult themes (18+) including horror, social issues, and so forth. Before playing, you should think carefully about these things. In-game diamonds are sometimes difficult to come by for real money, which limits your options. Because the quantity of diamonds is restricted, you may not be able to select the option you want due to the plot or because they were not well invested in the graphics.

Choices: Stories You Play MOD APK version

Features MOD

  • Free Premium Choices: Free Premium Choices
  • VIP: premium


For me, Choices: Stories You Play is the finest storytelling game for mobile devices. Each narrative is an exploration in which you are the hero. Fairy tales, love stories, horror stories, sad stories, and happy stories…you may totally pick with the right choice. If you enjoy reading narratives, create your own in this game.

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