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Top 5 things to consider when buying a senior citizen laptop

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The Best Chromebook For Seniors is one that has a larger keyboard and screen. A good ergonomic design will also be helpful because it will reduce the stress on your hands, wrists, and back from typing or using a mouse all day long.  However, this article will help you buying a senior citizen laptop.

The touchpad should be big enough to use with just one finger. And if you have poor vision, make sure the screen resolution is high enough so you can see text easily without zooming in too much. But keep in mind that laptops are expensive these days -$800 minimum- so make sure you get something that’s going to last a few years at least before buying anything over $1,000.

1) Consider the weight of the laptop, some laptops are too heavy for seniors to carry around.

A laptop that is larger in size may be harder for seniors to hold, even with the help of an ergonomic design.

Although it is better to have a large touchpad, often times seniors will need more than just one finger and these laptops usually come with a trackball or mouse. Trackballs can get stuck and break and mice require fine motor skills.

Not everyone’s vision is the same, so when purchasing a laptop for seniors with bad eyesight it is important to keep in mind what the optimal resolution is for this person and how much zooming they will need in order to see everything clearly without straining their eyes.

A laptop that’s too heavy for a senior to carry around may not be the best laptop for them.

2) Make sure your senior citizen has enough storage space on their laptop for all their pictures and videos.

If a senior uses their laptop to watch movies, they may want a larger hard drive to store all the movies. Also make sure that you are purchasing best tv headphones for seniors along with the laptop so that they can enjoy their leisure times.

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Get a laptop for seniors that comes with an operating system that has large icons and is easy to use. Windows XP is the best one for seniors who do not have any computer skills. If you are looking for something more updated, Windows 7 has large icons as well.

A laptop that is too slow for a senior citizen may be frustrating to use and will make the computer last shorter.

If you are buying a laptop for your senior loved one, make sure they can use it by themselves. If they need help learning how to type or use the mouse, make sure the laptop has an easy to use keyboard layout and touchpad.

It is important for seniors with memory loss or dementia to have a laptop that is user friendly because they may forget how to use it. If your senior needs help using their computer, try installing programs that teach them how to use their laptop by themselves, like a typing program or a video tutorial.

It is important to consider the battery life of the laptop, as this could be an issue for seniors who take long trips or use their laptops outside.

3) If your senior citizen is using a desktop computer, consider getting them an ergonomic keyboard so they can stay comfortable throughout the day.

If your senior loved one uses a laptop for work or school, make sure the computer is capable of running the software that is required.

It may be difficult to set up and install anti-virus and other necessary programs for seniors who do not have strong computer skills. If you are buying a laptop for your senior loved one it may be worth it to pay for the anti-virus subscription.

You should also consider if your senior loved one is comfortable using an on screen keyboard, as many laptops do not come with a physical keyboard. If you are purchasing a laptop for a senior citizen that has arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome it may be difficult to use an on screen keyboard or to use a trackball or touchpad.

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They may find a laptop with a touchscreen helpful as it can be used as a physical keyboard and mouse.

4. Get them a new mouse so they don’t have to use their hands as much when browsing online.

Some of these laptops may be more expensive than what your senior loved one can afford. If you are planning to buy a laptop for them, consider buying them an inexpensive model or get them a refurbished computer.

Although some seniors may want the latest version of Windows, if they do not use their laptop often it is important to get a laptop that uses an older version of Windows so it is easy to use and they can upgrade if needed.

5. Consider buying a touchscreen monitor if you want your senior citizen to be able to easily access content on-screen.

Your senior loved one may enjoy using a tablet or smartphone more than a laptop, as they are generally easier to use. But if your senior needs something with a larger screen try looking at refurbished laptops .

Your senior loved one may want to use more than one device, like a smartphone for apps and email and tablet or laptop for browsing the internet. Try looking into buying them a convertible device that is both a lightweight laptop and touchscreen tablet . If your senior loves using their laptop but wants something lighter consider getting them an ultrabook .


Senior citizens are looking for new ways to stay connected with friends and family, but it can be difficult when they have limited mobility. 

To make browsing the web easier on them, consider buying a touchscreen monitor or an ergonomic keyboard so your senior citizen doesn’t need to use their hands as much. 

If you’re looking for more practical solutions that will help out seniors who like using laptops, we recommend considering weight of the laptop before purchase (so they don’t get tired from carrying around such a heavy device). 

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We also highly recommend making sure there is ample storage space on the computer or tablet for all those pictures and videos! And if your loved one has been complaining about not being able to see well enough on-screen due to aging eyes

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