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Buy Samsung Watches on This Festival

Shivika Bhatia
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Watches have long ceased to be timepieces since digital watches made them a style accessory. Smartwatches have taken the game several notches higher. There’s hardly anything that a smartwatch cannot assist you with. With a smartwatch on, you can check your BP and sugar levels, keep tabs on your heart rate and sleep pattern, and improve on your physical training, among other things. You no longer need to carry your smartphone everywhere lest you miss an important call or email. Smartwatches can alert you when an important call is incoming, and play you music so that you can mentally relax during your morning workout sessions. Samsung watches are particularly efficient in tracking your performance in a range of outdoor games and activities. If you have been deliberating on buying a smartwatch for some time, this festive season is the best time to finally buy it. Shop at the Bajaj Finserv EMI Store and avail of special discounts and cashback offers, and enjoy significant savings!

Samsung Watches That You Can Buy This Season

Samsung watches are excellent devices that can help you improve your lifestyle as much as they can upgrade your fashion statement. These watches are excellent fitness coaches as well—they can easily find out if you have been doing it wrong during a workout session. The superior satellite imaging system in these watches is a plus point. This feature helps you to track even the golf shots so that you can improve with every shot you attempt. Here are some of the smartwatch ranges that you can take a look at:

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

These watches use e-SIM support so that you can take calls and make important text messages without having to reach for your smartphone. If you are worried about the durability of such an expensive watch, you need not fear. The watch will be unharmed by rain or a dip in a puddle as it is a waterproof watch. Price should not be a factor while choosing a watch with a super AMOLED display, which makes sure that you can seamlessly access the data projected on the screen. The screen also adjusts to ambient light so that you never have to squint to read the time. The Gorilla-glass protection on the watch makes sure that the device stays protected from scratches and cracks. A built-in loudspeaker in these Samsung watches ensures that you can make and take calls without any issue. The Wi-Fi adaptability in these smartwatches makes sure that you can connect to the internet easily. The watch is powered by a non-removable lithium-ion 361 mAh battery that lasts a long time before you have to recharge it.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

If you call these Samsung watches storage powerhouses, you won’t be exaggerating. With an internal memory of 16 GB, supported by 1.5 GB RAM, these watches can store all the data you require without the need for data transfer. As far as looks are concerned, these watches are one of the best that Samsung has produced. A rotating bezel makes sure that the device maintains a classy look to compliment you. Two buttons are provided for the smooth operation of the user interface. Therefore, if you are squeamish about the touch functionality of the small dial, you may rest assured at this point. With the Android support finally used by Samsung, you will find the user interface familiar if you are an Android user.

Samsung Galaxy Fit

Samsung seems to have finally tapped the potential market that comprises the entry-level fitness enthusiasts. While Samsung had thought about the fitness market earlier with its Gear series, the range it endorsed was too highbrow. Nothing quite dispels a fitness rookie as much as an exorbitant price. Although a bit late to the market, Samsung is catching up fast in this aspect with its nearest competitor, Fitbit. The Galaxy Fit, although short of sophisticated features like the ambient light sensor, will inspire you to go the extra mile. Once you are on the right track, you can go for the more expensive smartwatches.

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