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BFIC Network: Attempting to establish itself as a leading crypto advertising network

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As the crypto industry blooms, its adoption in various other niches is growing exponentially. One such application of cryptocurrencies is in the network marketing industry. The network marketing module revolves around referral earning programs. Users or marketers of such platforms build & grow their networks by inviting more people to signup and join the venture. This helps them yield rewards that act as passive income streams.

Imagine the same industry offering rewards in form of crypto coins. This isn’t a rather new concept and has been in play for the last couple of years. However, with multiple crypto network marketing platforms launching regularly, none of them has actually produced income for its users. For instance, Pi Network has been in the game for over 2 years now and it still hasn’t paid off. Although the platform has promised to launch its coin in the future, it still is useless with just some useless numbers being displayed as “earnings”.

Meet BFIC Network:

BFIC Network is a freshly launched crypto network marketing platform by Innovation Factory. It comes with the same goals of producing crypto income for network marketers in form of BFICoins. The only difference is that BFIC Network already has its own blockchain and crypto coin with a real tradable value.

How is BFIC Network any different?

BFIC Network is actually doing what others only promised to deliver. With a pre-deployed 3rd generation blockchain and tradable BFICoins, BFIC Network is by far the only crypto networking platform that allows the users to earn crypto coins in real-time, with real value.

Distinctive Features:

Innovation Factory closely observed the flaws of early crypto networking platforms and design BFIC Network to not only overcome them but also offer value-added features. These include:

  1. Affiliate Program:

BFIC Network has an affiliate program that gives a 10% bonus on each referral signup. Each of your friends who signup on the platform using your referral link will result in 10% of the signup amount as your referral reward.

  • Stake-Mining:

You might have heard of crypto mining on smartphones, but have you ever really witnessed this happening? BFIC Network is the 1st of its kind crypto stake-mining platform for smartphones. Simply stake some BFICoins and get a daily mining reward by simply activating them mining session. Higher staking results in bigger rewards.

  • Team Rewards:

Network Marketing is basically about building teams and earning collectively. Let your invite people, build teams and earn together. You get rewards for the active participation of each of your team members. Bigger teams produce higher team rewards.

  • Friendly User Interface:

BFIC Network utilizes a very friendly user interface. Anyone with the most basic knowledge of using smartphones can conveniently download and operate the app.

Value of Rewards:

Here comes the best part. All the rewards are renumerated in form of BFICoins. These coins are currently trading at a $5.00 price tag on XchangeOn crypto trading platform. The coins can be withdrawn into external wallets and then be traded or sold as per need. BFICoins can also be staked on BFIC Network, making it a price-elevating utility for BFICoin. This means, with the growth of BFIC, the value of BFICoins also increases.

Will BFIC succeed?

Without any doubt, BFIC Network’s success is inevitable. Being the only crypto network marketing platform with real rewards, the project is already gaining massive popularity in Asia, the USA, and Middle East. By far BFIC Network has already made it to over 20 countries and continues to grow at a progressive pace.

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