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Best Graphics Cards for Gaming in 2022

Lucia Adams

It won’t be wrong to say that graphic cards are known to be the lifelines for the best gaming PC. These are just like the beating hurt, which pumps the high-quality pixels for the screen. It won’t be wrong to say that there is no right or wrong solution for everyone, but there are a few custom-built PCs where one can use a specific kind of graphic card. Choosing the best graphic card also relies on a person’s choice as to whether they want a fast-running graphic card or looking for something which offers the best value at the most affordable prices. 

It is very important to find a graphic card that balances performances, features, efficiency, price. Moreover, the custom built PC should be something that does not impact the gaming experience. 

Factors to Consider When Buying Graphic Cards for the Best Gaming PC in 2022

Resolution: It is important to note that the more pixels one pushes, the higher performance you will require. Hence, keep in mind that you will not require a top-line GPU for gaming. 

PSY: It is very important to ensure that your best PC config for video editing, which runs on a power supply, does have the right 6 or 8 pin connectors. For instance, Nvidia does recommend the 550-watt PSU for those RTX 3060. Hence, for this, you will require a connector of 8-pin or even a 6-pin connector (PEG). 

Video Memory: Today, at least a 4 GB card is necessary, but a 6 GB or an 8 GB one is strongly recommended. 

G-Sync: This variable helps in refreshing the technology rate, which synchronises with the GPU’s frame rate with the fresh rate of the screen. Nvidia can easily support G-sync.

DLSS, Ray Tracing and FSR: The current graphic cards can easily support ray tracing, enhancing the overall visuals. DLSS provides the anti-aliasing and upscaling for boosting the performance with the same quality of the image. 

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The List of Best Graphic Cards for the Best PC Config for Video Editing

Although there are plenty of options available in the market, here is the list of the best graphic cards which you can use for the best gaming PC:

1. GeForce RTX 3080: This is by Nvidia and is one of the freshest and refined models which has come up. It is about 30% faster than the previous model. Hence, it is ideal for individuals who want to maximise their entire graphics settings and look forward to playing 1440p or 4k, and then this is the ideal card to get. However, for 1080p gaming, this card is supposed to be very over-skilled. This graphic card also comes along with double the performance of ray tracing. Hence, RTX 3080 can be considered the best bet for playing games without having to nuke your piggy banks.

2. Radeon RX 6800 XT: This card is about 7-10% faster, but it also is about 50% higher than the previous models. The RX 6800 XT acts as a great performance booster but has similar features compared to the previous generation of RX 5700 XT. It also adds robust tracing support and is supposed to be quite fast across the test suite. It comes along with a huge 128 MB Infinity Cache, which helps improve the bandwidth easily by 119%. Especially the games, which will require 16 GB or more, will surely be suitable for this graphic card. Hence, currently, it will be safe to say that the Radeon RX 6800 card is supposed to be in a great position. 

3. GeForce RTX 3090: This card is supposed to be ideal for someone who likes speed, as it is the fastest graphic card and is an amazing choice for creators. This card can be considered as a safe replacement for Titan RTX but at a little higher price. The card supports a GA102 chip, which is based on the Ampere architecture. Apart from just gaming, this is the only graphic card with NVLink support; hence, it eventually turns out to be a lot more effective or professional than any of the apps. It has 24 GB of GDDR6X memory, which helps in the application of a varied level of content.

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If you are looking forward to reimagining your gaming experience with a custom-built PC, then you must check out Kryptronix Gaming. The professions at the company are very committed to helping people have a different gaming experience altogether by keeping innovation as their biggest foundation. The experts have constructed one of the fastest PCs for video editors, gamers, graphic designers, etc.

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