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Background Verification in India: An Easy Route To Achieve Safety and Security

sahil singh

Background checks are thorough investigations done on candidates in which you can find up-to-date, accurate records of criminal activity, schooling, current and previous employers, residential address history, and other aspects.

Why Background Checks in India are Necessary

In the modern age, when companies rely on online screening of potential employees via their resumes, reference checks have become a much-needed practice for employers. In India, particularly, since small businesses and medium-sized companies tend to be very trusting based on a candidate’s resume alone, referring to the person’s background through a verifiable source can prove very useful.

Hiring and recruiting are both strenuous, time-consuming investments. As an employer, it’s crucial to have people working for you that you can trust. Hiring the wrong person can lead to financial loss, productivity loss, or even legal issues down the field, which is why it’s always helpful to gather as much information as you can about potential hires.

Prospective employers need to ensure that the employees they hire are suitable for them and know what they need to do the job effectively. Doing a thorough background check, such as getting the all-important employment background checks done beforehand, will allow you to suss out any potential troublemakers or bad eggs in advance before hiring them. This will help you avoid controversies and mistakes in the workplace.

How is Background Verification Done in India?

A background check in India of a candidate involves the collection of verified information from credible sources gathered using various authoritative sites or reliable offline sources. 

For example, for identity checks like Passport, Aadhaar or PAN card, criminal checks, and education checks, etc., you can access online records through government databases and online resources.

Similarly, it is advisable to contact previous employers directly over email or telephone to get references. Getting in touch with them in person via email or a phone call is widely accepted as the authentic source for an employment background check.

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How Background Checks Work in India

Background checks in India are becoming increasingly important in the area of employment. Many companies in India are investing in background check providers to ensure that their chosen candidates aren’t hiding anything in their past, and they’re usually looking for the following:

Public Records

By checking candidates against records at the local courthouse, companies ensure that they are not hiring people who might be a liability to the organisation in terms of their values.

Identity Check

Identity verification generally takes place online through government databases or online repositories, most frequently being the passport database or the Aadhaar database.

Employment History

The previous employer can give you information regarding their past work history – what their job role was, how well they performed, how long they worked there, and what feedback their previous superiors might have about them.

Education Qualification Check

Companies may reach out to the college from which a candidate has graduated to match the credentials included in a job application with those on file and verify that their degree is authentic.

Address Checks

An effective way to verify an address is often done by sending representatives of the company involved in the background check to the candidate’s physical location. Verifying that a candidate lives at a certain location has many perks, such as proving that the person truly belongs there and, therefore, is trustworthy.

The entire process of conducting background checks in India takes about two to three weeks on average, depending on how thoroughly it’s done. 

Who Conducts Background Verification in India?

Background verification can be performed by an employer or by third-party agencies, depending on the specific necessity and the kind of information needed. The verification is done either through contacting a previous employer or educational institution (for proof of education) or through EPIC (which is an online database). Once the process is complete, companies can decide whether or not they want to hire a certain candidate based on the accuracy of the information they’ve provided. 

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Technology Drives Background Verification Services in India

The Government of India has given the background verification process a digital makeover. Through Aadhar verification, background verification companies in India can now conduct digital checks to verify information about their clients. 

The government of India has set up the National Academic Depository, where the educational records of the students are fact-checked by numerous employers to eliminate fraudulent practices such as allowing students to forge their certificates and mark sheets. The newly rolled out National Skills Register serves as a database that can be used by recruiters who are looking for potential candidates to fill job vacancies with ease.

Wrapping Up

Background checks are central to the hiring process, and it is important to understand how they work in India. These checks are usually done by the company itself or a third-party background verification company like AuthBridge. We hope this blog helped you understand how the process works and its various stages. 

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