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A Review Of McAfee Gamer Security

macafee gamer security review
Himanshu Goyal
  • In order to help gamers have the best gaming experience, McAfee launches McAfee Gamer Security to help users avoid distractions and unnecessary pop-ups
  • The price of McAfee Gamer Security is a bit steep at $55.99 a year for one installation
  • The installation process is hassle-free and allows a thorough scanning of your device

It is no secret that installing an antivirus on your computer or laptop is an important task that needs to be accomplished.

However, it is likely that users might turn off the antivirus protection permanently if an antivirus pop-up appears on a gaming rig and spoils a super combo.

This is precisely why the designers at McAfee have developed McAfee Gamer Security to reduce the pain of gamers across the world.

McAfee Gamer Security has a component of super-light antivirus that never interrupts or distracts gameplay. It works with some boosts that aim to make the user’s gaming experience smoother and speedier.

Its feature set is stripped down, and it also performed quite well in the testing phase. However, this product is quite limited, and gamers might not feel the need to shell out cash on it.

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Price Structure Of The Most Popular Antivirus Products

The standard price for this antivirus product, which is a one-device standalone, is about $40 a year. Webroot, ZoneAlarm, and Bitdefender are some antivirus products that hit this price point.

Moreover, antivirus products like Bitdefender, Kaspersky Antivirus and a few others even offer three licenses for around $60. In fact, the standard antivirus product of McAfee costs $55.99 a year.

That said, this particular subscription offers unlimited licenses for all Android, iOS, Windows and MacOS devices in your household.

The cost of McAfee Gamer Security is also $55.99 a year, which is similar to McAfee antivirus plus. However, instead of getting unlimited installs, the subscription of McAfee Gamer Security only protects a single PC.

The only product that can be compared to McAfee Gamer Security with the prices concerned is Symantec Norton Antivirus Plus. This also costs $55.99 a year for a single installation. Still, the price is quite steep in both cases.

This price is felt even more because the basic antivirus of McAfee for windows is completely packed with features and is an effective security suite, whereas McAfee Gamer Security is completely stripped out of all these features.

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mcafee gamer security review
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How To Get Started With McAfeeGamer Security

The installation process is easy and quick. It is quicker than the complete utility of McAfee antivirus. The main window of the antivirus makes use of a slate-grey theme that reminds users of popular gaming platforms.

Moreover, the homepage of McAfee Gamer Security has been designed to boost performance. The next page provides users with some simple settings. Users get to the security aspect on the third and final page.

You will see a big status indicator as well as a simple toggle meant for real-time scanning on the security page. You must not turn off the real-time scanning option.

In addition to that, a big button starts the scan whereas another demonstrates precisely what is in quarantine. They will be placed depending on the size of the window, and that’s about it.

Get the product here:

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