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A Quick Word On Clone Phishing And Ways To Prevent It

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As the name goes, clone phishing is a type of phishing attempt by hackers. Analysts agree that clone phishing is perhaps twice as dangerous as traditional phishing in terms of overall efficiency. A clone phisher usually hacks your emails without you knowing anything about it. The increasing rate of success of clone phishing attempts is a worrying sign, and we might not know when and where our systems may be under threat. A clone phisher takes advantage of sneaking opportunities and continues to look for those all the time. Scammers know the importance of email accounts as they capitalize on them by hacking them. It is time to get some in depth knowledge on clone phishing in Los Angeles and how can you protect your systems from it:

Learn About Phishing

The fact is that the more you know, the better your chances of dealing with the threat. It would help to curtail the problem when you see the problem. Phishing is an attempt to steal your privacy and data, and a successful attempt may inflict a lot of damage on your system. Hackers and spammers realize that many email accounts are vulnerable. Some are easy to hack as users neither update their passwords nor improve their system security. Investing in protection tools can keep your system out of harm’s way and may block attempts at your system. However, it is best to learn the patterns of phishers and how they look to penetrate your system, steal your data and leave your privacy high and dry. There is some deception going on when it comes to phishing. Initially, you will have a hard time identifying phishing attempts. Not after going through your email will you likely identify it. Phishers study their options so they can inflict maximum damage to your data and system. Clone phishing, however, is a step ahead of basic phishing.

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Clone Phishing

Hackers work hard on cloning your email address, and if you’ve been using more than one address, they will invade those as well. Your primary email address will be cloned, and your patterns will be noticed. The email will trick you into thinking it came from a legitimate source, which will not be the case. This is why clone phishing is so dangerous and hunts many victims worldwide. The email comes from a trusted source with every detail mentioned. Even the email address will be the same, so there is no way for you to escape the hacking attempt.

Don’t be fooled by the display name spoofing, an added layer to trick you into believing that the email came from a trusted source.

Evade The Attempt

Luckily, even the most prudent clone phishing attempts have some loopholes in them. For instance, many of these emails will force you to take action in a hurry. Some emails might urge you to act before the deadline expires, while others will attempt to click on the desired link to claim your refund before it is too late etc.

Escape these attempts by not taking any action whatsoever. Many of these emails land in your trash or junk folder, so look for those. Some will even land in your inbox but don’t fall for those. Always check from your sources and double check if the need arises.

It may surprise you a little, but the best action you can take against clone phishing, or any form of phishing for that matter, is no action at all. Avoid clicking on the link, and if it is in the junk/ trash folder, wait for it to get deleted, which usually happens in seven days.

Practice caution, stay safe and keep your systems/ networks adequately protected from clone phishing in Los Angeles or wherever you may be.

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