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7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Exhibition Graphic Panels

7 Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Exhibition Graphic Panels

The graphic display panel is the first thing observed by trade show attendees. But, these people have only a few seconds to observe your graphics. Therefore you should design them efficiently. You must consider all important things while designing rigid graphic display Panels so that you get the perfect end result. Your small mistakes can lead to a costly expense.

In your graphic panel, you must convey important information to your potential customer such as who you, what are you selling and what are its benefits. The eye-catching exhibition stand graphics trigger a meaningful conversation between booth visitors and sale member.

On the other hand, if you have designed visually displeasing graphics, then trade show attendees will never take interest in your product or services. You should always adhere to graphic designing rules so that you create the buzz during the show.


Here, in this article, we will discuss the mistakes that you should avoid while designing exhibition graphic panels.

1. Writing Too Many Words

The trade show attendees will take only a few seconds to decide whether they should enter your exhibition stand or not. Therefore, writing too many words is not of any use. Moreover, lengthy paragraphs will disappoint your potential customers. According to the thumb rule, you should write only 6 to 10 words in your exhibition graphic design. 

Also, it should not take three seconds to read your text message. You can integrate your text message with alluring graphics. You should also ensure that your message is interesting to read and can trigger the interest of people in your exhibition stand.

2. Writing Wrong Words  

You should wisely pick the word to convey your information, According to the thumb rule, you must talk about the benefits of your products/services. Only then your potential customers will take an interest in your exhibition graphic panels. It is difficult to choose the right information to display when the word limit is restricted up to 10 words.

In this situation, you should tell about the benefits only. The trade show attendees are interested to listen to what you are offering to them. For example, if you are selling a skincare product, then you can display “Look younger than your age”. Wisely choose your words because they have the power to change the mindset of readers.

3. Wrong Choice Of Colors

The color choice plays an imperative role in the exhibition stand graphic design. As per the experts, you must pick light colors over dark colors or vice versa. It is important to choose contrasting colors so that your message is clearly visible. You must pick the right text colors because a wrong choice of color will make your text non-readable.

4. Artistic Fonts

The rule designing says that you should pick the fonts that are easily readable even from distance. You can choose serif or sans-serif font styles because they are beautiful and readable as well. Also, keep in mind that never select more than two types of fonts per image.

Moreover, the graphic text should clear so that the reader can easily read them without any problem. Your artistic fonts are not necessary because the images you have displayed along with your text will reveal the artistic look in your graphic panels. If you want to convey your information to your potential customers during the show, then never add artsy fonts.

5. Small Size Text

The small size text is not readable from distance. therefore, your font size should be 4 inches large. The best way to check the optimum size of your text is to go beyond three feet and check the size of your text. Make sure it should look 1-inch tall.

Usually, the trade show attendees are 12 feet away from your trade booth, therefore, it is very important you should keep your text size 4 inches large. Else, if you want to your text is readable even from 20 feet away, then you should keep it 6.5-inches tall.

6. Position Text Below Eye Level

The ideal place to place your text is a 2-foot zone at the top of the exhibition stand. This is the best area to display your text and your potential customers can easily read your message without any problem.  

Moreover, the potential customers can also read the text displayed on your exhibition graphic panels when there are lots of people around your booth. You should ensure that the text displayed should not go below the eye-level

7. Displaying Too Many Images

According to the designing experts, you should display one large size well-cropped image. Keep in mind that less is more in the case of exhibition graphic display panels. Rather than cluttering your graphic display with too many images, you should pick one optimum image. Never do a mistake by displaying too many images.

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