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6 Valuable Tips For Hosting A Successful Virtual Event

Virtual events
Deepika Gandhi

Virtual events have been around for quite a long time. But it was only until recently that event marketers have identified its benefits. When you host an event virtually, you set it on the global stage, and there is no restriction on the number of your audience members, so you get maximum brand exposure.

You get to save a lot on accommodation costs, food & beverage costs, or hiring a set of staff members to function the event. All you need is to invest in a good virtual event platform.

But things might get a little tricky here as it is important to note that it is a virtual event, which means that the audience will be sitting at the comfort of their home, making them prone to a lot of distractions.

In that case, wouldn’t you want to keep your virtual event audience hooked? Keep reading to know-how.

1.  Create Pre-event Promotions

The biggest perk of a virtual event is that there is no limit on the number of audience members. You can accumulate people from different parts of the world since there are no geographical boundaries. But to reach a certain number, creating pre-event promotions is important. You want people to know about your social virtual event so that you can reach a number that would bring ROI.

Create Pre-event Promotions

You can collaborate with influencers who have an audience similar to your target audience. They would promote your virtual event for you. You can even ask your event’s speakers to post the virtual event’s brochure so that any of their followers who want to listen to the speaker would join in.

2.  Display Engaging Content Using The Social Wall

The best strategy to host a successful virtual event would be to give your audience what they love the most since it is your audience who will be the major contributor to the success of your virtual event. People love social media. It is a major part of our everyday life. So, if you want to give your audience what they love, we’d put our bid on social media.

Engaging Content Using The Social Wall

And there is no better way to integrate social media into virtual event than the social media wall. If you wish to keep your audience glued to their screens throughout the virtual event, leveraging the social wall has to be your ultimate go-to.

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3.  Create Ice-breaking Discussion Panels

It is important to break the ice between your virtual event attendees to make sure there is no communication barrier keeping the virtual setup in mind. Since everyone is at their home, they need to feel connected. Provide chat options to the virtual event attendees where they can have conversations in the background without interrupting the ongoing virtual event.

Ice-breaking Discussion Panels

Many virtual event platforms also offer discussion panels like chat rooms which multiple attendees can join to discuss common topics, have debate sessions, and much more, everything to break the ice.

4.  Organize Quizzes & Trivia

People love to play games and whenever they see a competition that offers goodies and prizes to the winners, they are all up for it. So, organizing quizzes or trivia at your virtual event is a great way to keep your audience engaged.

You can also announce that you will display quiz questions after every alternative virtual event session and declare the winners after the virtual event ends. It is a great strategy to keep the audience hooked and make them longer till the end.

5.  Virtual Photo Booth

Virtual photo booths are the perfect way to create fun and engaging social virtual events for your attendees.

Clicking pictures and posting on social media is a common millennial behavior. Your virtual event’s photo booth is the perfect prompter to encourage your virtual event attendees to click pictures and post them. You can add your brand’s logo to the photo booth so that each picture automatically has your brand’s logo, creating brand promotion opportunities for you.

6.  Create Chat Rooms For One-on-one Interactions

One major area where virtual events lack is the power one-on-one interactions hold. But you can overcome this barrier at your virtual event if you provide personalized interaction chat rooms that allow your virtual event attendees to create conversations.

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Many virtual event platforms also come with AI technology which captures your virtual event attendees’ areas of interest and shares profiles of attendees who have similar interests. Attendees can then send them a message to carry forward a conversation and create interactions.

Let’s Call It A Wrap!

Alas, we reach the end. This blog was all about virtual events and how you can host a successful virtual event. These were the top six tips that can help you ace the game of virtual event organizing and help you reach new heights. So go on, try out these six ideas and enjoy all the benefits they would bring in!

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