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10 Lucrative Ways to Boost Revenue from the Zomato Clone App for your Food Business

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During the initial stages of the pandemic restaurants and food, businesses went downhill since people could not step out of their houses due to the lockdown. They returned to business with the help of apps like zomato. There are many app development companies, who have ready-made Zomato Clone App. Build your own app with their help.

People everywhere are mostly working from home. Going out now and then is still risky. When you have to work and stay home in your pajamas, the only thing that lightens up your mood is food. Hence, ordering food online and getting it delivered at home is currently thriving.

If you are an owner of a food business, then the first thing you have to keep in mind is, people ordering online food are not able to get in touch with you physically. With few people coming to your restaurant and you having to pay high rents, there is not much option than to rely on your delivery business. If anything goes wrong with your delivery services, your business and brand name get tainted.

Here are some lucrative ways to improve your food delivery services and boost revenue:

  1. Going online – In order to make your offline food business go online, you need to avail some food delivery app services. There are a number of them. You can select any of those apps as per your preference. Example – Zomato. Else, you can get a separate app or website developed particularly for your business.

Putting up your business on an app or website can help your customers get a more concrete idea about your services. They have a way of directly contacting you, giving you a chance to control all the service processing.

  1. Using the right technology – If you have your own website or app then you will also require a proper POS system. When a customer goes to your website and orders food, the POS system will automatically take the order and generate the bill, without your having to do any of it manually. You must keep your site or app well-optimized so that it finds the right customers.
  2. Communicating properly with your customers – Your business can go through a very busy day, when you may have a lot of customers coming in as well as online orders. Or maybe the food app is down for some reason. On such days, managing your customers can be hard. Hence, having proper telephonic services is necessary. Someone who is well-trained and can communicate properly is required at your hotel’s desk.
  3. Creating a short and crisp menu – Whether on your own website or any other app, create a menu that is short and crisp. This helps your customers easily get a clear idea about the items you have and find what they are looking for. Further, a smooth landing page can make this process faster and better. Once the consumers have decided on the menu they can place the order and check out without facing any trouble.
  4. Tracking orders and deliveries – With the right kind of technology you can assign each order to a particular agent and delivery person. You can know every detail about an order, whether it is ready, when it is picked up by the delivery guy and when it is delivered.
  5. Render quality service – Your business or brand is defined by the food and services you provide. Remember the food you deliver speaks of your brand. It has to be served hot when delivered to the customer, hence it has to be delivered fast.
  6. Proper packaging – When you are sending out food for delivery, it needs to be packed well so that it does fall or leak out of the box. The packaging should contain the logo of the restaurant. In all, the food must be intact, and in proper condition, like it would be served in a restaurant, else the customer may not find it appealing and give negative reviews.

A customer might be disappointed to find that the oregano or the sauce is missing with their meal. Hence, never forget to provide the add-ons with the package.

  1. Outsourcing delivery guys – When you tie up with apps like Zomato, you do not have an overhead expenditure for paying the delivery boys or their vehicle charge. Nor do you have to worry about getting the food delivered to the right place in time. Outsourcing delivery services save you time, mind and take some burden off your shoulders.
  2. Standard delivery method – You need to assign different errands to different staff. Say, once the chef has prepared the food, one should be responsible for packaging, another should keep track of the delivery guy, and so on. This way the whole delivery process can be carried out smoothly without you having to look over it.
  3. Courtesy – Last but not least, being courteous can make you go a long way. Make sure your staff, as well as the delivery guys, have polite behavior. This is just the icing on the cake.

The right amount of work in the right direction along with good technology can make your online food business a huge success. 

The main job is to provide a quality product to keep our customers happy. Apps like Zomato provide exceptionally good service. This is key in giving your customers a great user experience. A great experience leads to more engagement. This means if a customer has a good experience with your app, they will order more frequently, give rise to app usage.

Next comes customer satisfaction. If the customer is satisfied with the food and services they will be committed to your brand. 

Every step is crucial to the whole procedure. Don’t hesitate to build your own app if you want to. Following the steps properly can lead to a huge surge in revenue for your food business.
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Sunny  Chawla is a MD at Uber Clone App Company which is the Best Clone App Development Company helping global businesses to grow. He loves to share his thoughts on Web Development, Mobile App Development and Game Development.

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