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Tips On Writing A Fantasy Story

Aliana Sharma

The class of sci-fi has become extremely famous in the country. In general, the craving for science fiction is inherent among people. This craving is actively fueled by the bigwigs of the book business. 

How can this be explained?

First of all, the basic principle of a successful story: write about what you know best or what no one knows. The second way is the most interesting since no one else knows the world in your head except you.

Secondly, who can be a better expert than yourself? Thus, two birds with one stone are killed at once. But killing two birds with one stone is only the beginning of the journey. In addition, in a fantasy story, a number of points the writer must observe in order for the story to turn out to be interesting.

  1. Characters

The characters in the fantasy story are part of the world. They should be harmonious and not get out of it. The actions and deeds of the characters correspond to the logic of the world. There is a retreat here when a character from modern times gets into the past or the future and behaves contrary to the world, but this should be logical too. 

The behavior of a guest in a foreign world must correspond to his reality. Furthermore, in such stories, two worlds collide. In such works, the facets of the world meet, and conflicts develop. They open the reader’s eyes to life.

Moreover, to give a unique name to your characters use online name generators. You can use an online alien name generator that will give you unique names as per your requirements.

The impact of the personality of the character is an important topic that should be focused on. If your character has a good name but can’t put its impact on the audience then it’s useless. Try an online personality generator and check the personality types and select which one would be the best.  

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  1. Peace

The fantasy world is the shell of your story. The clothes that the story will wear. Let us recall the well-known saying: they are greeted by their clothes, they are escorted by their minds. Therefore, it is very important that your clothes are bright, attractive and make you want to dress them up.

Your dreamland ought to be obvious to the peruser. Don’t make the mistakes of aspiring writers. Don’t feel like the reader is obligated to know your world. You will puncture the little things and alienate the reader. Treat your reader with care. 

In the exhibition, we talk about the world. What are the laws in it? What time is it now? Time order. What is the situation in society and whether it exists at all? 

Politics, wars, events. Everything that is important for the development of the story, creates an environment, and excites the reader, should be described succinctly. Use small details in the actions of the hero’s thoughts to better depict the fantasy world.

  1. Fantastic assumption

The basis of a fantasy story is a fantasy assumption. When we say to ourselves: what if? .. At this moment a fantastic assumption is created. In addition, what if the earth stops? What if people stop loving? What if the dead rise? Continuing further, we create fantastic assumptions for our story.

Furthermore, a good fantasy assumption makes the story original. Work on it a little longer. After all, it is the heart of the story. Moreover, read non-fiction or books on the topic of the story. Look for interesting moves. Change ideas in the most unexpected combinations. This is the only way fantastic assumptions are born.

When the world is ready. You have interesting characters. You’ve spent a fair amount of time creating a stunning fantasy assumption. You will face the problem of how to name your work. The title is the destiny of your story. The popularity of the story depends on what impression it leaves the reader.

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  1. Name

The title should be out of line with the logic of the story. It should break the mind to make you think. Tickling the reader’s mind is a surefire way of story success. If you are writing about an alien attack on earth, it would be logical to name the story “Invasion”, “Threat from the Sky.” This is good and understandable, but calling this story “They Came on Saturday” is better. The reader immediately begins to wonder: who are they, why did they come, why on Saturday? If the reader has an interest, he follows you.

The name should have a second bottom. Typically, the second bottom has to do with the value packaged in the story. Let’s take the same story about the invasion of aliens “They came on Saturday.” If the story bears the value “family is more valuable than life,” then in the story the hero will fight the invasion for her sake. 

He will do everything possible and not possibly to keep his family alive. At this point, for more interest, the third bottom of the name appears. The family is also all of humanity. The hero makes a choice that his family or the world is more dear to him. He fights events by solving this dilemma. And the fact that they came on Saturday, the time when the family gets together, adds a special poignancy to the story.

Thus, today we learned that for a good fiction story, you need to have three components: a fantastic world, harmonious characters, exciting fantastic assumptions, and a polysemantic name.

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