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NFL Fantasy Football Rankings: Position-By-Position Rankings For Week Seven

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  • Deshaun Watson is the best quarter-back to pick
  • Leonard Fournette is the best running-back to have in your team
  • Cooper Kupp is the top wide-receiver pick
  • Evan Engram is the best tight-end

After a great week six of predictions for the NFL, here is a look at the Fantasy football rankings position-by-position for week seven. Week six had been a very good week for the position rankings across the prediction board.

Should Mike Trout be drafted at #1; what would happen?

Week six provided a huge boost for struggling fantasy players such as Stefon Diggs, Kirk Cousins, Devonta Freeman, and James Conner, who were not in the best of form so far. To add to that, the incredible return of Hunter Henry from injury made the news as well, as he was finally back after being out for some time.

Based on the stats, Terry McLaurin was a top two wide receiver. To add to that, Jamaal Williams a top seven running back and guys like Robby Anderson and Golden Tate showcased their fantasy potential for their team’s offensive lines.  It was hard to predict these, as they were some of the “shockers”, which were quite hard for any Pundit to “nail”. However, there were a lot of reputed stars at various fantasy positions that performed very closely to their pre-game ranking.


It is essential to have a recap of some of the notable rankings from the previous week, which helps analyse the predictions that are made. The accuracy of the rankings matters in the long-run, as the stats determine how the individual will perform in the days to follow. It is always important to understand what we all learned from the previous week of play, before moving on to the next. Then it becomes rather simpler to dive right into the rankings and a simple analysis of the same can be done in order to set up the line-up for the next.

Let’s get things started the Quarter-back position.  Teams on bye whose players will not be included in the rankings: CAR, CLE, PIT, TB (KC and DEN who played Thursday).

Based on rankings and the performances so far, here are the top five quarter-backs that can be picked-

Deshaun Watson HOU vs IND

Lamar Jackson BAL vs SEA

Josh Allen BUF vs MIA

Russell Wilson SEA vs BAL

Kyler Murray AZ vs NYG

Similarly, here are the top five running-backs that can be picked based on the stats from the previous weeks-

Leonard Fournette JAC vs CIN 

Dalvin Cook MIN vs DET

Saquon Barkley NYG vs AZ

David Johnson AZ vs NYG

Josh Jacobs OAK vs GB

One of the most crucial positions on the pitch are the wide-receivers and here are the ones that can be picked for the upcoming week, based on the performances-

Cooper Kupp LAR vs ATL

Julio Jones ATL vs LAR

Michael Thomas NO vs CHI T.Y.

Hilton IND vs HOU

Julian Edelman NE vs NYJ

Further, tight-ends are also key to securing a win for any side. Here are the top five that can be picked this week-

Evan Engram NYG vs AZ

Austin Hooper ATL vs LAR

Mark Andrews BAL vs SEA

Zach Ertz PHI vs DAL

George Kittle SF vs WAS

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