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Decoding the Success of Fantasy Cricket Apps in India

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Since the advent of websites and mobile apps, sports has been an essential topic worldwide. Every country has people who have a preference for one or another sport. And when the game they love is accessible on their mobile devices, there’s no reason to be afraid to try new things. This can improve the experience.

In European nations, this could be soccer, and in the US, the sport would be basketball or American football. In India, it’s cricket, which is more than just playing and often is equated with religion. So, developing new fantasy cricket app is an increasingly popular niche for techno-savvy people in India.

As for entrepreneurs, it’s an enormous source of opportunity since the number of mobile users is growing while cricket has become a sport that connects with everyone Indian.

It is, therefore, an area that should be explored by aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to reach the most impressive accomplishments. To achieve this, you must master every element of this platform.

If you aren’t aware of the new field, A fantasy sports application lets you play your preferred sports on your smartphone precisely as you would in the area. Teams can be created or tournaments, and also participate in betting too.

Fantasy Sports in India

Only the last few years since India was first introduced to fantasy sports are a viable option. It is, however, an ideal market for nearly anything you can imagine. Also, in this sense, we are getting caught up with the other countries, and the situation improves each day. You may have seen the commercials for Dream 11 or other fantasy apps on TV or in the newspaper when you watched an IPL match or other cricket match.

This shows that fantasy sports are expanding, with the number of people who use them increasing quickly. Let’s look at the general sporting scene in India because of our incredible athletes and the collaborative efforts of the government and corporations. Games such as football, kabaddi, badminton, hockey, and basketball are becoming increasingly popular. In turn, the games have also been integrated into fantasy sports apps.

With the introduction of premier leagues in other sports, We can expect an increase in popularity for other sports, which is sure to be evident in India’s overall world of fantasy sports.

Overview of Fantasy Sports App Market in India

The need isn’t to mention that the number of fantasy sports app users grows each day. According to recent research, approximately 67% of cricket enthusiasts who use smartphones are also aware that fantasy sports are a part of their lives. However, an additional report indicates that 7 million people have recently signed up for the marathon. This number does not include cricket fans.

Kabaddi and football are extremely popular in particular regions of India. The recent success of athletes playing badminton, wrestling, and many other sports has drawn the attention of Indian youngsters in less popular sports across the country. When you examine the proportion of users, studies show that the number of fantasy sports apps users is occurring at a rate of between 30% and 50 percent. This suggests that the future for entrepreneurs and developers in this field is likely to be a great one.

The rising app’s popularity is remarkable and provides many opportunities to those interested in this. Undoubtedly, the use of these applications is increasing, and numerous platforms have successfully established their place in this field. It is also true that India is already an established significant hub of app developers has made the development of apps that are fantasy even more easy for entrepreneurs.

Since the introduction of fantasy sports, India different platforms have been launched, and some have managed to establish an example for the new market.

The most popular fantasy apps in India to date:

Dream 11

It is currently the most played fantasy sports application in India. Due to MS Dhoni as its brand ambassador and because of its simple format and numerous games. The app is the highest-performing financially gaming company for fantasy sports after being admitted to the “Unicorn Club” with a value of $1 billion.

The company is also an official sponsor for the Indian Premier League, Pro Kabaddi League, WBBL, BBL, International Hockey Federation, National Basketball Association, Hero Indian Super League, Hero Caribbean Premier League, and ICC.

With these achievements, it is evident that the app will continue to be an excellent model for any person looking to succeed with their platform within this industry. Many people participate and earn money using this app all over the world.


Another application for fantasy sports that have gained immense popularity in recent times. There were cricketers such as Hardik Pandya, and KL Rahul, promoting the brand in recent times. The app has launched the Daily Fantasy Sports or DFS deals that have become quite popular. In this app, you can play football, Kabaddi, and Cricket and win cash prizes.

The app offers a variety of leagues with unique payment plans and. DFS feature lets users participate in games with a shorter time frame which has attracted many people who love fantasy sports. It’s simple to set up an entire team and then join in the match on this platform without spending time with longer formats.

Requisites for a Fantasy Sports App

A fantasy sports app consists of various characteristics that distinguish one from the others. However, there’s an essential set of features required for all applications.

They can create a professional-looking app; however, if you genuinely desire to be different the way you present your app, it will require an innovative idea that offers something unique to users. Let’s look at the basic requirements that must be in place.

User and Admin Panel

Both panels play an essential role in the management of the software. By using them, users can manage every event and enhance their experience. They assist users in setting their preferences and fine-tuning the audio-visual interface according to their choice. Everyone must be aware of the interfaces to get the most of this application.

Home Screen

The first screen you look at while the app is running and you’re logged into. Some filters allow you to make your search more efficient and produce exact results. In addition, you have a few options to choose what type of tournament the game you would like to take part in.

Contest Screen

On this screen, players can look up all the various tournaments, matches, and leagues that they can participate in. The screen also provides details on the tournaments, such as the winning amount, the players’ numbers, and entry fees.


On this page, users can modify their profile and make all kinds of adjustments to the shape—the information at this site in an organized manner. You can view rewards points, rankings information, account details, and other information in distinct sections. It is also possible to see your bonus earnings, earnings and report on your daily actions on this screen. In essence, it can be used to control all sports-related activities.

Additional Features

In addition to the standard features and the basic ones, there are additional features that can make the game more imaginative and fascinating. The other components can range everything from tracking the location of players to specialized games with different formats. Many aspects can make the experience for users unique, and one has to find a fantastic idea. Small amounts of personalization within the interface can enhance the user experience and be considered an additional benefit.

Updating users with live updates for the game and reminders of upcoming events could be an extra feature. There’s no limit to being a step above and beyond when it comes to providing superior services. You could develop an improved chat API and make it an integral part of your fantasy sports app.

Cost of Developing a Fantasy Sports App

As technology advances with the development of new apps growing, prices are likely to decrease shortly. But, the current price for developing an app for fantasy for Android is $8000, while for iOS, the cost is $9000. Based upon the present rate for development in fantasy sports apps worldwide, 2.7 billion people are likely to get involved in the fantasy app craze around the globe by the end of 2020. If you consider these numbers, we can anticipate an increase in this field that could help us all.

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