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5 Common Tennis Mistakes to Avoid for New Players

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Did you know that tennis participation increased 22 percent last year? Whether from tennis newbies or returning players, there’s no denying that tennis is having a surge in popularity. Since it’s an outdoor sport that is socially distanced, it’s easy to understand why during these current times.

If you’ve been thinking about playing tennis, now is the perfect time to learn. But before you start, take a look at this handy guide to help you start out on the right foot. Check out these top five common tennis mistakes to avoid for new players so that you can play like a pro.

1. Imprecise Footwork

Good footwork for tennis is a key point in playing a better game because it can affect your shots and your stamina. Be sure to practice variations in your technique for optimum performance. Pay particular attention to working on your stance, so that you have an open one that allows agility.

2. Lack of Focus

You’ve probably heard the old expression, “keep your eye on the ball”. This wise saying applies to tennis so pay attention and don’t lose focus when you play. While it’s tempting to track your opponent, losing sight of the ball is a rookie mistake.

3. The Wrong Equipment

Many people don’t realize that the right tennis clothing and equipment are a key part of the game. For example, your tennis racquet needs to be the correct size and weight for your height and frame. You also need to wear the right shoes that are sturdy and flexible along with clothes that are breathable and don’t restrict your performance.

4. Using Too Much Force When Hitting

While it may seem counterintuitive, using too much energy when hitting the ball can be detrimental to your game. When you learn how to play tennis, try to moderate your hits and not smash them with extreme force. It will conserve your strength for the long game and make your swings more accurate.

5. Common Tennis Mistakes With Grip

One of the most common mistakes in tennis is often found with the different tennis grips required for different shots. Whether you are executing a backhand or a serve, it is important to position your hand correctly on the racquet. Take the time to learn about one handed backhand grips to start, and then cover all of the other shots in your game.

Ready To Play Tennis?

Now that you’ve learned about the top common tennis mistakes, you can avoid them and play like a pro. Set yourself up for success by starting your game with the right equipment, from your racquet to your clothing. Then as you play, keep your focus and work on your footwork until you increase in confidence and technique.

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