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6 Up and Coming Neighborhoods to Move To

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Did you know that more than 55% of people claim that their local community was either poor or fair in the United States?

Most people move because they want to live in an excellent community that is safe and filled with opportunities.

If you are thinking about moving, there are many places to consider, especially ones you haven’t heard of.

Continue reading to discover some of the best up and coming neighborhoods to move your family to!

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

One of the most well-known up and coming neighborhoods to move to is Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

Myrtle Beach is known for being a vacation or spring break town because of its beautiful beaches and scenery. This is becoming one of the top US cities to move to because there are opportunities to work and grow a small business. This is also a great area with plenty of places to eat and shop at.

Your kids will love living in Myrtle Beach and have access to an excellent education.

2. Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you are searching for the best neighborhoods in the country, Ann Arbor should be at the top of the list.

Ann Arbor is home to The University of Michigan. Although it has been associated with being a college town, it is becoming increasingly popular amongst families. Ann Arbor has some of the best schools in the state and there are many available jobs in the area.

By looking at these expert tips, you can have an easy move to this city and start living your best life!

3. Riverside, California

When it comes to moving to a new area, you will want to find affordable options.

Riverside, California is gaining attraction to new families because the homes are affordable and it is in a beautiful area. This area consists of valleys and hills that are perfect to drive around in. Your family will love living in Riverside because they will be close to beaches and mountains, depending on which way you drive.

4. Corvallis, Oregon

If you or your family loves the outdoors, Corballis, Oregon is an excellent location to move to.

Corvallis is the perfect destination for hiking and exploring. It is packed with natural areas and wildlife refugees that will pique the interest of anyone driving through. Since this area is surrounded by nature, it is not as populated as other cities.

Fortunately, there are still many jobs in this area and public education is great!

5. Aurora, Colorado

Living in Denver can be a bit overwhelming, which is why many people are heading to Aurora.

Aurora, Colorado is less than 10 miles from Denver and is a wonderful environment to work or raise a family in. With the city being so close, you don’t have to worry about getting bored or finding a suitable job. Many people are moving to Aurora for its excellent schools and abundance of shopping and restaurants.

6. Princeton, New Jersey

Have you always dreamt of living in the Big Apple but didn’t want to deal with the cost of living?

Princeton, New Jersey is a train ride away from the city and a great place to move to. Instead of dealing with the city traffic, you can live in this calm area and commute to work. There are plenty of jobs in the area, whether you want to cross the Hudson River or not.

This is also a popular area for community activities and theater groups.

Up and Coming Neighborhoods You’ll Love

There are many up and coming neighborhoods to consider if you are planning to move soon.

Depending on where you want to live, you can find neighborhoods that fit your needs and are in a good area. Many of these cities are growing because they surround larger and more populated areas. By moving to these places, you can find many jobs and schools that will benefit your children.

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about finding the best neighborhoods and moving tips!

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