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Scientists Warn That The Black Hole Could Finally Engulf Earth

blackhole eats earth
Himanshu Goyal
  • What do you think about the statement that says – Black Hole Could Finally Engulf Earth?
  • A black hole might not be as far away from the earth as believed.
  • A paper published by two renowned universities in Chicago shares how the black hole is only a light-year away from engulfing the earth
  • A lot of Gravitational Orbit Anomalies have also been detected in the outer solar system
  • According to recent news, scientists fear that the ancient phenomena of the black hole could potentially swallow up the earth.
  • Their fear also sparks from the belief that the black hole is less than a light-year away.
  • Durham University, as well as the University of Illinois, both located in Chicago, recently published a paper that shares the fact that the black hole is sufficiently heavy to crush the earth.

The paper also shares that the previously imagined invisible planet located on the solar system’s edge is an ancient back hole. According to claims made by scientists, the new conclusion derived from the paper explains the presence of this phenomenon with much more clarity than what has been proposed recently on the subject.

Researchers have also expressed significant concern over the complete findings and deductions made by the investigative paper. They say that the solar system’s outer reaches display some odd gravitational orbit anomalies. In addition to that, the Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment (OGLE) of Poland also recorded a number of gravitational anomalies that raise further concerns. These audits led the researchers of the university to propose a Primordial Black Hole (PBH) existing instead of “Plant 9”, a scientist initially called it.

Are Fears Regarding The Black Hole Justified?

It is believed that the black hole is ancient and was created after the Big Bang within the first second. It is further believed that our solar system has somehow captured this black hole. This new idea is believed in almost as much as that of “Planet 9.”

The presence of this black hole raises several questions, such as whether the surrounding planets including earth will be engulfed by the black hole.

planet 9 news

Furthermore, these fears have only accelerated as scientists went on to explain the varsity of the black hole hypothesis, which says that it exists in the same area as “Planet 9” at a distance of about 56 Billion Miles from the earth. This makes the black hole less than a light-year away from earth in astronomical terms.

In order to reduce these fears, a professor from the university went on to comment that for normal black holes, there must be a solar mass as it is made out of a star.
Also, these primordial black holes are quite light. This means that the proposed black hole must be too tiny to engulf the planet and not something we need to worry about.
It has also been suggested that these things have a huge potential of just glowing in the sky close to the earth.

Black Hole Could Finally Engulf Earth

The conclusions made by the paper are that it is possible for “Planet 9” to indeed be a planet; however, it need not be. The important thing here is that this conclusion extends the possibilities of experimental research that is required to understand the outer solar system better.

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