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Vikram Lander As Part Of Chandrayaan 2

Vikram Lander As Part Of Chandrayaan 2

NASA assisted ISRO in locating the Vikram Lander. Several pictures were taken in order to ascertain the exact location of the Lander. ISRO’s Chief shares that there is more in store for Chandrayaan.

We all know about the Chandrayaan mission where Vikram Lander was sent to the moon in a bid to know more about the outer world by taking pictures. However, soon after the satellite landed on the moon, it crashed and was later reported missing.
NASA recently conducted a fresh mission for “Chandrayaan 2” with the aim to conduct a rigorous and unrelenting search for the Vikram Lander.
The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) of NASA decided to take another shot at finding the Vikram Lander as a part of Chandrayaan 2 mission of India.

Vikram Lander As Part Of Chandrayaan 2

Apparently, the LRO project is in full swing and pictures were taken under good lighting conditions to carry out a thorough search for the lost lander. As shared by the project scientist named Noah Petro, they flew over the initial landing site and the camera team evaluated images so that they could gather more information about the lander.


Goals Of Chandrayaan 2

This lunar mission aimed to explore the moon’s south pole. This was a huge undertaking, especially because no country had ever visited this area of the moon before. The entire Chandrayaan 2 mission spanned a total of 48 days before it landed. Here are some fascinating tidbits about Chandrayaan 2 that you probably didn’t know!

  • Chandrayaan 2 was launched with the most powerful launcher of ISRO
  • The mission included an Indian software and an indigenously developed rover named Vikram Lander
  • The missions cost around 948 crores in total
  • The Vikram Lander is named after the father of ISRO, Dr. Vikram Sarabhai
  • The mission was carried out under the supervision of ISRO Chairman, Kailasavadivoo Sivan.

Results Of Chandrayaan 2 – The Search For Vikram Lander

The rover in this new LRO project was not able to find the Vikram Lander because when they landed on the South Pole of the moon, it was already dusk.
In addition to that, the area had long shadows which obscured basically everything and the range of vision of the rover was minimal. That said, NASA released some lunar images of the site where the Lander is assumed to have crashed.
These images were taken before the Vikram Lander crashed on the surface of the moon. In any case, the orbiter took a number of revealing pictures to give scientists an insight into what is happening on the moon.

Vikram Lander As Part Of Chandrayaan 2

In fact, K. Sivan, the Chief of ISRO, said that Chandrayaan 2 is in no way the end of the story and the space organization will definitely attempt another lunar landing soon.
ISRO is determined to prove that a soft landing is possible on the moon. The Chief also shared that their earlier missions helped them collect some valuable data that will further assist them in the missions to come and will also help them correct their mistakes as well as learn from them.

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