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How to pick the chair that suits me?

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When you watch a movie or take a nap, do you dream of a cosy and comfortable armchair? When you entertain friends, would you like to have extra seating? Unless you are looking for THE decorative touch that your interior lacks? Between comfort, practicality and aesthetics, we guide you today so that you can find THE armchair that suits you.

What use will I make of my future chair?

To choose the ideal chair, this is the first question to ask. If you are looking above all for relaxation, you will prefer the seat’s comfort and ergonomics. If you like to entertain, you will more easily opt for small armchairs. Lightweight and easily movable, they will make your evenings with friends more convivial. Will you have it in your living room as a complement to the sofa or as a decorative armchair in your bedroom or hallway? The extent of the space you will inaugurate will also be a criterion in making your choice. Choose the best chair from the FM Gallery who is the Best Italian Modern Armchairs dealers London.

What shape should I adopt for my chair?

On the design side, there are many models of armchairs. With its wide armrests, its high and padded seat, the Club armchair is imposing and comfortable. The “toad” armchair and its rounded backrest slip more easily into small spaces. If style matters so that your armchair fits perfectly into your decoration, ergonomics are not to be taken lightly! To be seated comfortably, you should check whether you want:

A high or low backrest, straight or enveloping, wide or thin armrests. Unless you don’t want it, a high or low seat, depending on the height of your coffee table, for example.

Fixed or swivel, aerial or more massive, the base will also be an element to consider. If you want to move your chair, consider checking its weight and handling.

Which covering should I choose for my chair?

Leather, natural or synthetic fabric, the choice of your coverage will depend on the maintenance it requires and the style of your decoration. Robust, full-grain leather is the coating that ages the best. Red, black or brown, associated with a metal base, will be perfectly suited to an “industrial” type universe.

Appreciated for their softness, cotton or linen have the edge of not enticing dust. On the other hand, they fear stains. Therefore, more resistant, synthetic fabrics are trendy for their ease of maintenance and durability. Light or bright colours, we find them today in an expansive preference of patterns and colours.

Whether you want to match your armchair to your sofa or make it an element that contrasts with the rest of your decor, you will inevitably find what you are looking for. If you wish to provide your room with a bit of character, an original armchair is ideal! Buy the best chairs from the Best Italian Modern Armchairs dealers London.

What padding should I choose for my seat?

In general, the seat of an armchair should be neither too soft nor too hard. Recommended for its elasticity and comfort, “high resilience” (HR) foam has the advantage of ageing well and regaining its shape when you are no longer seated. The ideal is a density of 30 kg / m3. Very resistant, bull-tex is lighter.

Finally, down, semi-down and vegetable hair offer exciting alternatives. On the suspension side, the “no-sag” springs offer more excellent elasticity than straps. In any case, our recommendation: test the seat of your chair in store!

Why opt for a Colourful Armchair

Colour can be the most accessible element to understand. However, there are still a few possibilities: Harmonize the colour of the armchair with that of the sofa and blend it into the general atmosphere of the room. Use your armchair as a colourful touch that will highlight other furniture. Bet on an original armchair, displayed like a work of art, in the middle of a neutral living room!

Whatever your choice, never forget the golden rule in decoration: no more than three colours, at the risk of tipping from chic to rough.

The armchair is available in different designs, colours and materials. This must-have furniture for the living room is chosen with the most excellent care. If it brings an aesthetic touch to the decor, it can spoil the whole. For a successful arrangement, it is advisable to choose a suitable armchair. Here are the parameters to consider in the choice.

The criteria to be taken into account

Before choosing your chair, you should make sure that it adapts to your expectations and needs.

  • The seat: for a comfortable style armchair, the seat should be neither too soft nor too firm. If it is made of a hard material, such as wood or aluminium, it is strongly recommended to provide a cushion for more comfort. The upholstered seats are preferred.
  • The backrest: Part of the back pain is caused by an uncomfortable backrest. Choosing a backrest that can support the entire back with a headrest is always advisable. The standard length is 70 cm.
  • Armrests: Armchairs with armrests allow users to get up quickly.
  • The shape: the armchair must adapt to the available spaces. Those with imposing shapes are reserved for spacious living rooms, while the thinner models are suitable for small rooms. For a vintage interior, massive rattan or velvet armchairs are recommended.
  • The footrest: for optimal comfort, it is advisable to choose armchairs equipped with a footrest.
  • Coating: this parameter affects comfort, aesthetics and maintenance. The fabric armchair remains the most comfortable. Those in wood or aluminium are appreciated for their aesthetics. For ease of maintenance, choosing armchairs with removable cushions is suggested.
  • Colour: the armchairs are available in various solid or patterned colours. Choose an armchair that adapts to other furniture, especially the sofa and the overall decor. In a Scandinavian-style living room, prefer a mustard yellow, navy blue, or grey armchair.

Best Italian Modern Armchairs dealers London offers various models of the armchair. The most popular being:

The Scandinavian armchair

The Scandinavian armchair finds its place in a contemporary style living room. The centrepiece of the piece is available in several models. The wooden base is preferred. The thinner the chair’s legs, the more it suits the contemporary style.

The rocking armchair

It is one of the best selling rocking chairs. The rocking armchair finds its place in a stylish room, whether vintage or Scandinavian living room. It retains its elegant and timeless side near the sofa or the library corner.

The Emmanuelle armchair

This less-common piece of furniture exudes an effect as original as it is ornamental. Very popular in the 70s, the Emmanuelle armchair brings a touch of subtlety to the whole decor. This majestic armchair is a sensation in a vintage living room. Its disproportionate shapes are suitable for large rooms.

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