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British Musician Yola’s Mother Disapproved Her Choice Of Career And She Is Nominated For Four Grammys

British Musician Yola
  • Yola has been nominated for the 62nd Grammys.
  • Her mother was not supportive of her musical career.
  • Yola has been working as a solo artist for more than ten months now.

Yola is an excellent example of how perseverance, drive, and a belief in oneself can take you to the height of success. As a teenager, Yola’s mother disapproved of her daughter’s career choice when she used to sneak out of the house to perform gigs. Moreover, irrespective of how much her mother attempted to prohibit her from all things musical, Yola declined to back out of something she believed so strongly in. Apparently, her mother disapproved because she thought that the music industry was “too risky.”

Yola grew up in Portishead, near Bristol. She would often sneak out of her house to play gigs as a teenager. Today, she is a Grammy nominee, nominated for the Best New Artist category at the 62nd Grammys. As a teenager, Yola’s mother was of the opinion that music was completely unacceptable. She wanted her daughter to become an engineer, a doctor, or a lawyer. Yola risked everything for her musical career. Even when things did not go her way, she persevered and kept following her dream. For a while, she was even homeless in London and found herself on the streets. Yola shared that her mother was not entirely wrong. It is just that Yola knew exactly what she wanted to do with her life and had to do it with a lot of sneaking.

Her Struggles and Victory


There was a time in her life when things were particularly bleak. She became homeless in the city of London after she used up all her savings for the advancement of her music career. At the same time, she also struggled with voice loss, which was induced by stress. She was heard saying that it is a very gratifying and validating thing to achieve your dreams and goals after risking literally everything you have. Yola went on to launch her career successfully in writing as well as performing on pop hits. In addition to that, she also joined Massive Attack, the British band, briefly before embarking on her solo career. Today, she is an American breakout star. Even though Yola has been working in a solo capacity for less than a year, she has already been nominated for her debut album for the category Best Americana Album. Moreover, she has been nominated for the prestigious Grammys award. However, she says that she has absolutely no expectations when it comes to winning these awards.

Yola has been doing many other things besides working on her solo musical career. She says that although she has been sessioning for a number of years now, she has been a true artist for only ten months or so. Still, she has gathered quite a bit of fan following in such a short time. Whether she wins or not will be seen at the Grammys on 26th January 2020 in Los Angeles.

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