Blues Finish Their Season On A High With A Visit To The White House

Blues visit to white house
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  • The White House visit was a highlight for St. Louis Blues this season.
  • The team won the Stanley Cup and performed exceedingly well in this year’s championship.
  • The players were very proud of their achievements and even shared their joy on visiting the White House and seeing the Oval Office and meeting Trump in-person for the first time.

2019 has been an amazing year for the St. Louis Blues, the famous ice hockey team of Missouri. Last month, the Blues finally closed the book of the season 2018-19 on a high. The team played four games and were on the road, attending a ceremony in Toronto at the Hockey Hall of Fame. They also presented a Stanley Cup Championship Ring at the hall. They closed the season’s book with a visit to the majestic White House. There, they had a greet and meet with Donald Trump, the president of the United States.

David Perron, the Blues winger, said that it was nice, and they are immensely proud of the fact that they are the first championship team. He also went on to say that a lot of people contributed to their success and that although it was a long process, they were really happy to win it. Moreover, he was heard saying that now, they can begin winning some more.

Blues Had The Time Of Their Life On Their Visit To The White House

The Blues got the tour of the White House and the Oval Office, and for all of those who got to witness the tour, it was pretty good with a lot of great memories. Robert Thomas, Blues forward, shared that he is not an American. So, it was a different kind of experience for him meeting the President and seeing the Oval Office. Overall, it was a pretty cool day for everyone involved. Thomas even shared that when he was standing behind Trump in the press conference listening to him talk, it was not only about hockey. On the contrary, it was about things that happen every day, and people watch on the news on a daily basis. He shared that listening to his speech first-hand was a different feeling. Moreover, one can just feel Trump’s presence and power when he enters the room

Perron shared that his entire team was quite nervous, to begin with, but spending time in the company of the President of the States was really impressive. In addition to that, he said that he is proud of how well the team performed during the ice hockey season. That said, the players were pretty happy to be back home when they landed in St. Louis.

It is pertinent to mention here that the Blues qualified in 43 seasons for the playoffs and even appeared 4 times in the finals of the Stanley Cup in 2019. Moreover, they went on to win the Stanley Cup Championship. They played exceedingly well and are all prepared for the season 2019-20.

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