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What Are The Best LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools?

Usman Abbasi

LinkedIn lead generation tools, also called LinkedIn scraping tools, is an automated process of collecting publicly available information from LinkedIn.

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Here you will find the ultimate list of LinkedIn automation and lead generation tools for technical and non-technical people who want to collect information from a website without hiring a developer or writing a code. But before we dive into the LinkedIn Lead Generation tools list, let’s talk a bit about LinkedIn data scraping.

What Is LinkedIn Lead Generation Tool?

LinkedIn lead generation tools, also called LinkedIn scraping tools, is an automated process of collecting publicly available information from LinkedIn. This is done with different web scraping tools that simulate the human behavior of web surfing. The data extracted with these LinkedIn Scrapers can be exported into a standardized format that is more useful for the user such as a CSV, JSON,  Spreadsheet, or an API.

LinkedIn data scraping could be useful for a large number of different industries, such as Information Technology, Recruiting, Freelancing, Financial Services, Marketing and Advertising, Insurance, Banking, Consulting, Online Media, etc.

Data scraping became an essential thing for any business that wants to sell its products through marketing campaigns. Some of the best examples of web scraping used for:

Market research

Price monitoring

SEO monitoring

Machine Learning / AI

Content Marketing

Lead Generation

Competitive Analysis

Reviews scraping

Job board scraping

Social media monitoring

Teaching and research

many more…

As the Internet has grown enormously and more and more businesses rely on data extraction and web automation, the need for LinkedIn scraping tools is increasing.

1. LinkedIn Lead Extractor

LinkedIn Lead Extractor is a desktop web data extraction solution that helps users extract relevant information from various types of LinkedIn profiles without coding. It enables users from a variety of industries to scrape unstructured data from LinkedIn profiles and save it in different formats including Excel, plain text, and CSV.

Point-and-click interface

Deal with all sorts of LinkedIn profiles

No coding

Schedule extraction

Text, CSV, Excel, Database

2. LinkedIn Company Extractor

LinkedIn Company Scraper is a business data extraction tool. You can find business profiles data from LinkedIn by business name, zip code, and business profile URL. Then you can run the LinkedIn scraper in your browser and download data in CSV.

Point and click interface

Extract data from LinkedIn company profiles and search results

Built for the business owners, marketers, and freelancers

Scrape data from 1000-1200 LinkedIn business profiles in a day

Export data in CSV, XLSX, and Text formats

2. LinkedIn Recruiter Extractor

This LinkedIn Data Extractor is specially designed for recruiters, HR managers, entrepreneurs, and business owners to get the best candidates data from LinkedIn Recruiter for hiring the best candidate for the best position. LinkedIn Profile Scraper searches for candidates on LinkedIn Recruiter and extracts data from their LinkedIn profiles such as email address, phone number, working history, skills, etc.

Scrapes any LinkedIn Recruiter profiles in seconds

Easy to Use: no coding is required

Extract emails, phone numbers, and other contact details from LinkedIn Recruiter

Download data in CSV, Excel, and Text file

Scheduled runs

Final Words:

Today, data is the backbone for any business and marketing campaign. You can get data from LinkedIn by using these LinkedIn Lead Generation Tools. If you are not using this LinkedIn Automation tool for data collection, then you cannot beat your competitors. Data collection manually from LinkedIn can be a time-consuming and very difficult task while these web LinkedIn Scraping Tools can do this task automatically.  

Usman Abbasi

I am a software engineer and digital marketing specialist.

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