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Ultimate SEO Trends To Drive Traffic And Increase Website Rank In 2021

Tracy Beilliams
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SEO has become one of the most important digital marketing tools for every business operating in this digitized environment. Without SEO, a digital marketing campaign is like running a business without reaching the customers and hoping that the business will perform well. This is one of the reasons why choosing the right SEO company and leveraging them has become so important for businesses. 

The Harsh Reality!

However, even that might not be enough as SEO trends are known for their fickle nature, making it rather challenging to keep up with all the SEO trends. But at the same time, it is not something that can be ignored for long, with numbers suggesting that there are approximately 3.5 billion Google searches on any given day. 

This means that a website has to rank higher to be visible to the target audience and SEO is the only way to ensure that. Therefore, we have compiled a list of ultimate SEO trends that can help a website enhance its rank and traffic simultaneously. So let’s get started without further ado. 

SEO Trends For Traffic & Website

  • User Experience: The user experience of a website is an essential element that can influence SEO performance. It is no secret that websites that offer smooth and intuitive user experience tend to rank higher on search engine results. Therefore, when visitors visit the website, it is imperative to ensure that they do not face difficulties while navigating through the website. 

This can enhance the SEO performance of the business and encourage customers to recommend the website to other friends and family members. Therefore, always ensure that a website features clarity, accessibility, and speed.

  • Google’s BERT Update: The BERT update is one of the most recent updates rolled out by the search engine giant Google. This update brings changes in the algorithms that pay more attention to the relevance, quality, and keywords incorporated in the content featured on the website. 

Therefore, discover the best SEO company and develop valuable content that can address the customers’ queries. Other than that, one must focus more on the context of the keyword instead of focusing on the density as it was done earlier. Nonetheless, always ensure that whatever content published on the website is specific to customers’ search intent.

  • Voice Search: Times are changing, and technology is advancing, which is why today we have the voice searching functionality in most devices, and people love it. Numbers suggest that 25% of Americans are using different types of advanced voice assistant technology. 

This makes it very important to optimize the content on the website for voice search as this can be very beneficial in enhancing the SEO performance of the business. We know that voice search optimization is not a very important ranking factor just yet, but it is still better to consider it for better outcomes.

  • Unique Content: Even though it might not be a new trend but featuring unique content on a website is as important as it can get. As we know, Google deploys bots to scan through the content published on every website, and plagiarized content can significantly reduce the website’s ranking. 

So there is simple logic: search engines cannot rank both websites on the top if two websites feature similar content. In addition, unplagiarized content means the website is providing something new and fresh to the customers.

  • Mobile Optimization: As we already know, most people use their mobile phones to search for information in search engines. This means that optimizing websites for devices with smaller screens such as a tablet, smartphone, and more has become imperative. 

Therefore, one can leverage smaller codes while reducing browser caching and redirects to enhance the website’s loading speed. In addition, businesses can leverage HTML5 to incorporate special effects on the mobile version of the website. Lastly, businesses should focus on ensuring better UI/UX by designing responsive pages.

Bottom Line

These are the most important SEO trends that every business must know to facilitate a successful SEO campaign in 2021. Keeping these trends in mind can help a business increase the flow of organic traffic while simultaneously improving the website’s search engine ranking. In addition, these trends will be helpful for businesses not just in 2021 but even in the years to come. Remember, with the best possible SEO services, it is only a matter of time!  

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