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Pardot – Why Your Business Should Start To Implement It?

Amy Jackson

Pardot is a powerful marketing automation platform designed for B2B businesses. This tool enables marketers to automate their activities, coordinate their marketing and sales teams, and improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. If you are still wondering whether your business should start to implement it or not, read out this post completely!

Helps You Set Up Effective Email Marketing Easily

The automation tools from Pardot allow you to get started right away. You could focus on your marketing goals and let this tool do the rest.

This platform could help you set up an effective marketing email campaign on Pardot as quickly and easily as you want. It offers you extensive personalization and automation capabilities. In this way, you could save more time, attract more qualified customers, and recoup your software investment.

Offers Lead Nurturing

Pardot comes with a lead management feature. This offers you to design lead nurturing paths for every stage of your marketing funnel. For market segments and customer groups. You could create a list of prospects and start a nurturing program.

Pardot has a variety of templates for letters, landing pages, and forms. You could customize them with your own content.

Tracks the Prospects Easily

Another ability from marketing automation offered by Pardot is that it could track website readers before becoming a registered prospect or buyer. Even better, this makes IP lookup software like LeadForensics superfluous. But that is not all.

Pardot also offers social media, webinars, Google AdWords, and other tracking tools. Thus, you could avoid bombarding your readers with vast lists of questions.

All of this gives you incredible insight into your prospect’s interests and needs. Well, none of this is possible with other marketing automation tools. Combining this with other Pardot features such as personalization or dynamic content and list building automation, you would get an incredibly powerful sales-focused marketing system.

Allows You to Create, Maintain, and Update Data Listings

Segmentation of leads and contacts allows you to conduct targeted marketing campaigns. You could create the campaigns according to your specific needs, goals, and challenges. Not all members of your target audience have the same goals, motivations, or obstacles. Thus, you need to separate them and deliver specific content for each segment.

Similarly, you may have long-standing professional relationships with some customers while others are relatively new. Categorizing your lists could help your content and communications users engage. In the end, you could take action quickly, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns, and increasing your marketing ROI.

For maintaining your CRM, Pardot allows you to create two types of lists: static and dynamic. Static lists can be manually modified, making them ideal for data that does not require significant updates.

In contrast, dynamic listings typically check if prospects meet the criteria required for fragmented listings and update the data accordingly.

When a prospect no longer meets the specified criteria, it would be removed from the list. Similarly, when a prospect meets the specified requirements, they are added to that list. Whether you decide to manually update static listings or with dynamic listings, you could run automated commands and deliver customized content to the right audience.

Integrates with Salesforce Effectively

Pardot integrates seamlessly into your CRM system. When used with Salesforce, you could sync leads, contacts, leads across both platforms, while optimizing your sales and marketing efforts.

The Salesforce-Pardot integration connects the two platforms effectively. This lets you choose which data to sync between Salesforce and Pardot. Once you have identified the fields to synchronize, that data would be available and displayed on the page layout.

With all the tools you need to clean, analyze, and use your data in one place, this integration gives you the flexibility you need to compose your sales and marketing campaigns. Meanwhile, it makes it easier to enrich your data in Salesforce.

For an example of the demo, Pardot could log and share information with Salesforce such as which leads and prospects most recently opened a newsletter, or visited a website more than once, giving sales teams the most provided information. As a result, sales teams could better prioritize tasks and close the deals faster.

Offers Linked Campaigns

Tracking the customer journey from start to finish is important to increase marketing effectiveness. By implementing Pardot, you could track leads from the moment they first interact with your company. This level of activity tracking would help streamline the customer journey. Eventually, reducing the number of steps between interest, engagement, and sales.

By narrowing your sales funnel and reaching users faster, you could increase your marketing ROI and revenue. When a potential customer clicks on the tracking link, visits your website, or receives a tracking code, you could track down their activity. But wait, these linked campaigns take it one step further.

The Plus and Advanced versions from this tool enable you to access a prudently curated B2B marketing analytics platform. Create data-driven decisions faster with custom apps, dashboards, and predictive analytics. The B2B Marketing Analytics from this tool also leverages data from third-party platforms to measure marketing ROI across multiple channels.

The Various Plans Offered By Pardot

Whether you are a new startup or already existing, budget is the most important thing to consider. This means you would always want to check on the price before implementing anything in your business strategy. Speaking of the pricing system, Pardot offers various plans you could choose from. What are they?

  • Growth Plan

This plan offers fuel growth with marketing automation for $1,250 monthly.

  • Plus Plan

This plan helps you dive deeper into marketing automation and analytics. You could get it for $2,500 monthly.

  • Advanced Plan

This is the most popular plan so far. This plan offers the power innovation with advanced marketing automation along with analytics. You could get it for $4,000 monthly.

  • Premium Plan

This plan comes with enterprise-ready features supported by predictive analytics and support. You could get it for $15,000 monthly.

Final Words

If your goals are to improve campaign results, reduce marketing costs, and increase marketing ROI, Pardot is the best one to help you achieve and even exceed them.

So, why don’t you give it a try?

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